Introduction: Velcro Sole

Velcro sole is a device that changes your typical shoe laces with a Velcro cover, making the design of your shoe to your personality while also making your shoes more convenient.

Step 1: Supplies

For supplies you'll need

  • Roll of velcro tape (sticky on other side)
  • A 7" zipper (for looks, not required)
  • 5"x5" Denim patch (Any color/cloth to your preference)
  • scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Canvas as the base cloth
  • lighter
  • pair of shoes, this project I used "Vans" but you can do any

All of these items can be purchased at a Joanns Fabrics

Step 2: Size of the Tongue

First you'll have to cut out the size of the cover in the canvas, which will be different for each shoe and the brand. For my size 10 vans, I cut out trapezoid with the sides of 7cm, with the width of 5cm at the top and 4 cm at the bottom. I then rounded the top and corners and burned them with the lighter.

Step 3: Layer With Wanted Cloth

Use the previous template of the canvas and trace it onto the materiel you are using. This makes the cover thicker and allows the canvas to absorb all of the glue rather than the outer layer. Now optional, cut out a tab at the top to add the zipper between the cloth and canvas. Then use the fabric glue to the three layers together

Step 4: Add a Tab and Velcro

Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe away any excess glue. On the back then add the Velcro tape to the sides and bottom. Make sure to take the laces out of the shoe. Once that is done, cut out a tab size to your preference to help Velcro the cover to the shoe. (I had attempted to give the denim a burned affect with the lighter but didn't turn out how I liked, giving it that weird color distortion).

Step 5: Adding Velcro to the Shoe

Using strips of the Velcro, add one piece to each side of the shoe on top of the hole eyelets, one piece on the bottom, then another on the tongue itself.

Step 6: Add Velcro to the "stripe"

Outline the stripe of the van to the Velcro tape, then outline the stripe to any cloth of color. Now you can exchange the colors of the stripe to which ever color combination satisfies you.

Step 7: Your Shoe Is Now Finished!

When ever you want to change back to laces or the sides, the Velcro tape peels right off without damaging the shoe in anyway, allowing you to change back to the old shoe or in between styles at your own convenience. Repeat the process for your other shoe!

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