Introduction: Ventriloquist Make Up

Have you ever been sitting at home and thought- "I wish that I could find a way to make myself look like a ventriloquist this Halloween!" Well look no further! In 15 steps, I will show you step by step, what items you will need, how to do your make-up and how to dress like a ventriloquist doll.

Step 1: Gathering the Make-up and Tools

For the first step you will need to gather all the make-up items and the brushes you will need.

1. Foundation

2. Eye Brow Product

3. Translucent Setting Powder

4. Concealer

5. Brown Eye Shadow

6. Matte Bronzer

7. Brown Eye Liner

8. White Cream Eye Shadow

9. Black Eye Liner

10. Mascara

11. Red Lip Liner

12. Red Lip Stick

13. Pink Blush

14. Different Face Brushes

Step 2: The Base

This is where the magic begins-

1. Apply a couple coats of your foundation, you want a very fake look to your skin

2. Fill in your eye brows

Step 3: The Coutour

One of the biggest defining factors for a ventriloquist are the contours of it's face.

1. Outline your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose

2. Blend it a little bit

We will come back and deepen them back up later

Step 4: The Eyeshadow

1. Apply a base so that the eye shadow stays put

2. Use the brown eye shadow to deepen your crease

3. Put a light colored eye shadow in the middle of your eye lid

Step 5: The Eyeliner

Apply your eye liner.

Make sure to have your liner go straight across your eyes. This gives the illusions of wider more doll like eyes.

Step 6: The Under Eye

Now comes the bottom of the eye.

1. With your white cream eye shadow elongate the bottom of you eye

Make sure to rub the eye shadow into your bottom eye lashes until you can't see them

2. Outline the white eye shadow with some black eye liner

Step 7: The Highlight

Now it's time to bring some brightness to the face.

1. Apply some concealer below your new lower lash line, bridge of your nose, under your contour line, forehead and chin

2. Use a translucent powder to set your concealer

Step 8: The Cheeks

1. Sharpen your brown eye liner

2. Draw freckles on your cheeks, in no particular pattern

3. Apply the blush on top of your freckles

Step 9: The Lips

1. Line your lips

2. Extend your lip line on the sides to make it look like you have a wider mouth

3. Fill in your lips with lipstick

Step 10: The Lines

1. Starting at the edges of your new lip line draw a line down all the way down to your chin.

Step 11: Finish Up the Eyes

1. Apply a lot of mascara and some fake eyelashes (if you have them)

2. Draw new bottom eye lashes

Step 12: Finish Up the Skin

Going back to the skin, darken up the contours you did at the beginning.

Step 13: The Clothes

For the clothes you are going to want-

1. Black ankle length pants

2. White blouse or white button up shirt

3. Black blazer

4. Derby hat

3. Black and white oxford shoes

Optional: Red bowtie

Step 14: Become a Ventriloquist Doll

Put on your outfit and take some selfies.

Step 15: Have Fun!

Get your friend to dress up with you and have fun!