Introduction: Stilt Walkers Balloon Costume

The Idea: Create a Fancy Costume for Stilt Walkers using modeling balloons.

Some advantages of this Costume:
- This costume is very versatile because you can change your entire look just
   by changing the colors of the balloons the hat or your clothes
- low cost, around 12€ for a bag of 100 Qualatex Modeling Balloons

Step 0 ( Tools and Materials )

   0.0 The Items you should already own ( investments )
     0.0.1 A pair of walking stilts (Dura-Stilts or Powerisers)
     0.0.2 A Pair of trousers that fit the stilts
     0.0.3 A long sleeve shirt with the same color as the trousers
     0.0.4 A pair of gloves
     0.0.5 A balloon air pump

   0.1 Materials ( consumables )
     0.1.1 Long thin bamboo stick ( or any other long stick )
     0.1.1 One bag of 100 Qualatex Modeling Balloons
     0.1.3 A pair of long leg stockings ( to put on the head )
     0.1.4 Some strong string for grouping the balloons
     0.1.5 One sheet of cardboard size A2 ( for the hat )
     0.1.6 Some glue ( also for the hat )

   0.2 Tools
     0.2.1 Pair of scissors ( to cut the cardboard )
     0.2.1 Paper knife
     0.2.2 Pencil

Step 1 ( The hat )
     1.1 Using a pencil draw the eye outline and the helmet parts on the A2
            Cardboard (see picture for more details)
     1.2 Cut out the eye outline and the helmet arts form the A2 cardboard
     1.3 Glue the A2 Cardboard in a cylinder shape by applying the glue on
            one of the borders
     1.4 Fore a more detailed hat glue some cardboard on the interior of the 
            hat surrounding the perimeter of the outlined eye and helmet parts
            using a different colored cardboard (see picture)
     1.5 Cut out one leg of a stocking and fit on your head.
     1.6 Put the hat on your head and adjust the size, in order to prevent the
            hat from falling.

Step 2 ( The Modeling balloons )
     2.1 Fill the modeling balloons with air using the pump or a air compressor
     2.2 Make groups of 4 to 5 balloons and tie them together using a piece of
     2.3 Grab all the grouped balloons and tie them together in one big group
     2.4 Using the string make "2 circles" and attach them to the grouped balloons
            The idea is to attach the group of balloons to your back like if they where
            a backpack.

Step 3 ( The bamboo stick )
     3.1 Attach some balloons on the end of the bamboo stick

Step 4 ( Stilt Walkers Balloon Costume )
     4.1 Get your pants and shirt on
     4.2 Put the grouped modeling balloons on your back
     4.3 Clim on your stilts
     4.4 Put on your head stalkings and your hat
     4.5 Put no your pair gloves
     4.6 Grab your bamboo stick

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