Introduction: Vertical Garden ! Bird House Feeder !

We built a vertical garden with a birdhouse. This was a school project that encouraged us to build a creative garden for our school.


1 Black Plastic Planter

3 Classic Planters

1 Wood Dowel

2 x 10 x 8 ft Pine Lumber


Step 1: We Build a Auto Desk Build of It First

Step 2: First We Start With a Rough Prototype :)

We start with a rough prototype so we can see how we really want to bring this to life. Plus we couldn't make the dimensions we wanted out of cardboard so we just made it smaller. The dimensions to the actual build is

Step 3: Budgeting !

We had a 50 dollar budget and we achieved that and still had some to spare just in case :). We bought all of are materials at our local lowes.

Step 4: We Got All the Products in !

All of the products came in and we started building the next day !

Step 5: Starting to Build and Cut !

We got all the materials in time to start building and putting this whole thing together! We start by seeing how everything fits together.

The dimensions are 4X10X10

Step 6: We Got the Pots to Put on the Pole and Attached