Introduction: Very Easy Craft! Learn How to Make DIY Paper Flower Bouquet?

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No doubt the Flower Bouquets come with various designs, colors,and fragrance to attract the viewers. But the only thing they lack is a long life. Within 2 to 3 days the flowers would frost giving the bouquet an ugly look. So, what’s the solution for this? Yes, you can now make a paper flower bouquet that would remain evergreen for days or say months.

Today, let's learn how to make this adorable Paper Flower Bouquet.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Crepe papers(pink, yellow, green)
  • Embroidery rings (small and big)
  • Silk lace in purple and pink colors
  • Green color tape
  • Artificial pollen flowers and lace
  • Decorative shining lace
  • Zig-zag scissors
  • Regular scissors and glue
  • Thread and needle
  • Toothpick sticks
  • Craft wire

So, are you ready to make the lovely Paper Flower Bouquet? Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 2: Let's Take Embroidery Rings & Wrap It With Silk Lace!

  • Take two embroidery rings, one small and the other big. Firstly, take the small ring and wrap it completely using a silk lace in purple using some glue. Also, stick the end of the lace using glue for making it firm. Similarly, take the big ring and wrap it with silk lace in pink color.

Step 3: Let's Take a Plastic Cup & Fix It in Rings!

  • Now, take a small plastic cup of ice cream. Using a scissor, cut the ends of the cup so that the big ring fits on it properly. Apply glue on the big ring and stick it properly in the gaps. Again, take the small ring and fit it on the big ring using glue.

Step 4: Let's Make Flowers!

  • For making the flowers, take a crepe paper and cut a thick strip out of it with around 2 inches thickness. Fold it into half and cut it again. Now cut out squares from the strip.
  • Now fold squares into half and cut from one end to the other end in a curvy shape or say oval shape to make a petal out of it. Similarly, cut out every square making petals.

Step 5: Let's Make a Bud!

  • Now take one petal and place a piece of wrapped paper in the center of the petal.
  • Wrap the paper and tie the petal wrapped ends using craft wire.
  • Take a toothpick and stick it in the wrapped petal to make a bud of it.

Step 6: Let's Give a Final Touch to the Flower!

  • Now using a toothpick, fold the ends of the petals to give it a realistic look from the top. Also, stretch the petal from the center for a curvy look.
  • Finally, to make the flower, apply some glue on the base of the petal and stick it on the bud.
  • Now take another petal and stick it on the opposite side of the first petal.
  • Similarly, take all the petals one by one and stick them on each other over the toothpick to form a flower.
  • Take a green color tape and cover the toothpick using the tape with some glue for firmness.

Step 7: Let's Make Leaves!

  • For making the leaves, cut out squares out of green crepe paper. Fold the square and cut out from the edges forming a leaf shape. Give slight cuts on the edges for a realistic look. Stick the leaves on the toothpick below the flower.
  • Make 2 more flowers with similar or different colors.

Step 8: Now Let’s Start Making Another Kind of Flower Set!

  • For this, take yellow color crepe paper and fold it with around 2 inches wide. Again, cut out small squares from the crepe paper.
  • Fold the squares into half and cut out one of the edges to form a bullet like a look. Stretch the curvy ends of the crepe bullet like paper to give it a realistic look. Also, stretch the paper from the center to give it a proper look.

Step 9: Let's Make Bud and Cover It With Petals!

  • Take a piece of paper and wrap it. Cover the paper using a crepe paper to make a bud out of it. Stretch the ends and tie a craft wire for binding it. Also, use some glue to stick the ends properly.
  • Now take one petal and stick some glue on the lower end properly. Cover the bud using the petal. Similarly, take other petals and cover the petals using them covering the bud from every side giving it a flower like a look.

Step 10: Let's Make Leaves & Fix It With Flower Using Green Tape!

  • Now take a green color crepe paper. And fold it to a tiny strip. Cut out the sides of the crepe paper giving it a triangular-like look. when opened, the crepe paper gives a joint mountain like look.
  • Take a green color tape and wrap a toothpick stick with it using some glue. When reaching on the other end, place the flower on the end. Also, place the triangular crepe paper on the flower to give a leaf-likea look. Lastly, wrap the green color tape on it for complete finishing.
  • Make 3 to 4 similar flowers with same or different colors.

Step 11: Now Let’s Make the Third Set of Different Flowers to Decorate the Bouquet!

  • For making this kind of flowers, cut out crepe paper strips with measurements 2 x 12cms.
  • Take one strip and pinch it from the center and squeeze fold it into half. Join the ends of the paper and stretch it from the center. Also, use some glue and stick the ends.
  • Make 6 to 7 seven such petals. Now take a toothpick stick and one of the petals. Apply glue in the center of the petal and stick the toothpick on it.
  • Now stick another petal on the end of the first petal. Similarly, stick the other petals on the end of each other forming a chain of petals. When all are ready, stick the entire chain on the toothpick using some glue.
  • Now take a green color tape and cover the end of the flower petals using glue. Continue to wrap the entire toothpick stick with the green color tape. Stick the end of the color tape with glue.
  • Make 3 to 4 more such flowers of same or different colors.

Step 12: Let's Make a Fluffy Like a Flower for the Bouquet!

  • Take a crepe paper and fold it with around 2-inch wideness. Fold the strips into half and cut the edges using a zig-zag scissors.
  • Now take a thread and needle. Stitch the opposite end of the zig-zag corner is straight. On reaching the end of the paper, hold the thread and pull it out to give the crepe paper a curvy fluffy gathered appearance. Apply glue on the end of the paper and stick it on the folded paper forming a flower.

Step 13: Let's Fix a Toothpick & Wrap It With Color Tape!

  • Now take a toothpick and enter it inside the flower from the lower side. Take another green crepe paper strip of around 1 inch wide and wrap it on the lower end of the flower where the toothpick is attached.
  • Take a color tape and cover the wrapped crepe paper on the toothpick stick. Wrap the entire pick using the color tape by sticking it with glue.
  • Take crepe paper square in green and fold it into half. Cut using scissors the edges of the paper forming a leaf-like a shape. Take a craft wire and stick the leaves on it keeping the wire in the center.Wrap the remaining wire on the toothpick and stick using some glue giving the flower some leaves.

Step 14: Let's Stick All the Flowers on the Ring & Decorate It!

  • Now take the ring stand and all the flowers. Cut down the long toothpick sticks of the flowers. Using some glue, stick the flowers on the ring. Allow a flower or two to stick on the ice cream plastic cup too. Stick all the flowers on the ring in a decorative way.
  • Now take some artificial pollen flowers and lace. Stick the pollen flowers in the middle of the paper flowers for a decorative touch. Take the lace and wrap it over the outer ring with a particular distance to decorate the ring.
  • Take a decorative shining color tape. Stick it on the ice cream cup to decorate it.

Step 15: Conclusion

Your decorative artificial Paper Flower Bouquet is all set to use. You can use the piece for decorating your living rooms too.