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Hi guys! Welcome to this instructable.

Flipbooks are really cool and are very much fun and easy to make. Personally,I love flipbooks. I felt so proud when I showed it to my family.Each one had different reactions which made me so satisfied.

The working of flipbooks is simple.When you start flipping each page carefully,you get moving animations.This is how even videos work. A bunch of images continuously spun gives an effect that the object is moving. My physics teacher said that this is called as Motion Picture Projection.I learnt it in my previous grade and finally applied it now!

So let's start working on this.


A4 sheets

Paper clips



A mobile phone or a tablet(For tracing)

Step 1: Paper Preparation

The most important thing to start a flipbook is paper.

I took 4 A4 sheets and I divided each sheet into 8 parts and I have cut them.

That size is a very good size for a flipbook.

If you have no interest in making the paper but have interest on flipbbok designing visit this page.

Andymation is a proffesional in making flipbooks.You can checkout his flipbook videos on youtube.

In the website you can get readymade flipbook papers with screws to bind the flipbook.

My opinion is making the paper at home is better than buying.It's not that satisfying when you buy the paper.

If you are an animator or a cartoonist then it is recommended to buy a flipbook kit.

If you are making a flipbook for fun and self-satisfaction then prepare the paper at home.

Step 2: Story Design

The second most important thing is the story. In my story I have taken a drone as a main part. It flies and comes back to it's initial position with a simple change.The reason I chose this story is because this is a short flipbook.So,I chose a short story.

As I said, this is a short flipbook.This is a short flipbook because it consists only 32 pages. If you want a Big flipbook you need 150 to 400 pages.For short flipbooks there is a twist or a simple change at the end. For bigger ones there is a story itself.

In my flipbook the drone goes and crashes a tree.That's why the leaves fall.(But nothing happens to the drone).

Short story designing is easy and even has a lot of impact on the volunteer(To whom your showing your flipbook).

It maybe big or a small or a medium sized flipbook the size doesn't matter,but the story matters.

Step 3: Making a Flipbook

To make a flipbook appear as a video, add a little amount of movement on every paper.

For every paper add a little bit of movement.There should be only some movement.

Then you can get a perfect flipbook.

Step 4: Tracing and Detailing

In your flipbook you may have something which is not moving throughout the end. In my flipbook the remote control.Tracing is used to get the same object throughout the flipbook.

Get a light source. Like a tablet or a phone.Open an image of white color.Then start tracing the object.

Now you have traced the objects.What's left? - Detailing.

I made the objects darker and permanent.I even added some more details.

Add as many details as possible. Even if the details are not much noticeable,because small things make a big difference.

Choose a good title for the flipbook.

Step 5: Binding the Pages

Now you want the papers to stay at one place, right?

For that I took a paper clip.

There are even other ways of binding too.If the flipbook is a little thin try stapling them.

If it is big then drill holes and screw them.

Binding them with paper clip is better because,if you want to make a simple change then you can detach the paper clip and again attach them.

The book is ready!

Step 6: Flipping

Now that you had made a flipbook, it's not that easy to flip it. Even though the flipbook is outstanding,if you don't flip it in a good way then it is worthless.Flipping is a skill.

Here are some tips:

To make a flipbook appear nicely,try by flipping the papers with the edge of your fingers.

Don't even leave a single page.

Show off the flipbook with your family and friends!

Step 7: Result

Checkout the video to see how my flipbook went on. I have even added some sound effects in the video on top.

Hope you have liked this instructable.

Thanks you very much!

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