Introduction: "Vigilante Style" Grappling Hook

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Hey everyone...this is my first Instructable, and it's one that I've been wanting to make for a loooong while now.

So, as it is, I've been on the site many times, seen other Instructables for grappling hooks, but never seen anyone make that utilized simple everyday objects (i.e. office supplies in my case) to make an awesome looking, comic book style grappling hook, so I figured why not do it

Step 1: Supplies and Materials

So, here's what your going to need:

  1. Large paper clips
  2. A ballpoint pen (the one shown is easier to cut)
  3. Cutting tools
  4. Pliers/Wire Stripping tool
  5. A screw eye hook (roughly 3/4'')
  6. A gel based Superglue
  7. Hot glue gun
  8. Cardboard/Mounting Board
  9. String/Electrical Tape
  10. A cutting mat

One other thing you going to need is to make your own grappling hook template, but I'll get to that in a bit

Step 2: Prepping Your Hook Base

Prepping the pen is pretty simple....First remove the pen point and ink cartridge. Make sure to get rid of as much of the ink that's still inside the point before reattaching it back the the rest of the pen.

Next measure out the max length you want to make the grappling hook and cut it. Using a cutting tool is a good way to mark where you want to make the cut, and from there you can continue with that tool, or you can use the wire stripping tool

Step 3: The Hook Template

Now, I didn't provide a template you can follow, mostly becuase this the most creative part of the build.

The design of your grappling hook its totally up to you, which means the size, length, width and angle of your hook will be unique and to your liking.

Once you have your design, make a master template of it from a sturdy material, in my case is was mounting board, and wrap it in any strong tape of your choice (I used painters tape)

Step 4: Pre-plan Your Assembly

This is one of the most important steps your gonna take because once you start assembling, there's no going back, unless you wanna start over again. Make sure you have all your materials ready and your hot glue gun is ready to be used.

In the prepping stage, you also want to start unbending your paper clips and make sure that they have an almost identical degree of angle to you hook template. I say almost because some adjustments will made along the way. You'll also want to make sure that the hook length matches up with the base and make any necessary adjustments as well.

Step 5: Assemble the Base and Inner Supports

Start by first taking your string or electrical tape (used tape the first time) and wrap screw eye a few times until its just wide enough to wedge into the pen. Superglue the now wrapped eye and glide it into the bottom opening of the base and set it aside to cure. Once bonded try pulling on it just to make sure it wont come apart under a minimum amount of force.

**Make sure your template and unbent paperclip still measure up with the base before continuing**

Next take your unbent paperclips and wrap 2 of them together, across the parallel bits, above/over the pre-made loops. Wrapping them will give them a better surface area for the hot glue to bond to when you assemble the hooks.. I made additional bend on mine because I used string in this step instead of tape.

Step 6: Assembling the Hooks

Here comes the tedious part. Take your template and trace around it, twice for each hook, up to a max of 8 times on a cereal box or a thin cardboard like mounting board. When tracing, make sure the hooks appear back-to-back to save space and cardboard. Next cut out your hooks and make sure they're as identical to each other as possible. The overall length and hook style are the most important so its ok to have minor flaws.

Next take your modified paperclip supports, make sure they're aligned properly to the 1st hook, and hot glue it in place. Take a second hook, and hot glue that one on top to complete ONE full hook. Repeat this process for the remaining number of hooks and supports.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Now that your base and hooks have been assembled its time to figure out what type of hook you want. I made an example of a 3-pronged grappling hook just give an idea of what it would look like, but your finished product will ultimately be based on how many hooks you made.

I used the screw eye's hoop and a guide point for the placement of my first hook, which made it easier to attach the other three as centered as possible. Superglue or hot glue your first hook into place, allowing time for each hook to cure if your using superglue. Make sure you hold them in place and that your bonds are strong before continuing to the next hook. I used superglue only because I had a clena, strong bong between the mounting board and the plastic pen.

Finally, hot glue the edges and spaces between each of the hooks to "reinforce" the hold and durability of your finished grappling hook

Step 8: Finishing Touches

If all when well your finished grappling hook should be pretty sturdy and should cost you no more than $10 to make from start to finish. Depending on the style and size of you hook, it could be no bigger than you hand for easier storage.

For a much more "authentic" look, you can spray paint it with a flat paint+primer and add a bit of weathering effect by dry-brushing on some silver spray paint.

The grappling hook's loop is big enough for you to attach a 160lbs paracord, but any strong, thin wire/cord/etc you want to use to simulate a comic book style tether should work.

**REMINDER** : THIS IS A PROP. I made this so Cosplayers and costumers can add a little flair to whatever costume they think this grappling hook would work with, which is why I emphasized on coming up with your own design.

SOOOOO..I hope you all liked this project and please share your creations if you make one :)

Til next time....JkrsWyld

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