Introduction: Vintage Camera

Step 1: Materials

you will need...
a foam box
leather/leather looking paper
mirror squares
the bottom of a water bottle
black and silver paint
a hot glue gun
leather strips
construction paper

Step 2: Cut Foam

cut down the foam block until it looks about the size of a camera

Step 3: Cut & Glue Leather Paper

cut down the paper so that it wraps around the foam box leaving about an inch on top & bottom

Step 4: Glue on Mirror Squares & Brad

glue mirror squares on top of the leather paper on the front & back to represent the viewing holes & flashes
glue the brad on as seen in the picture to represent a switch

Step 5: Make Lens

cut out the bottom of a water bottle
paint it silver
paint the outer rim black
glue it onto the front

Step 6: Gears

stack 4 gears on top of each other & glue them on top of the camera to look like a button

Step 7: Screen

cut & glue on a piece of construction paper & paint it silver to use as the viewing screen

Step 8: Strap

cut out 2 equal strips of leather & glue them together & then onto the foam box to use as the strap

Step 9: Outlining

outline gears, & mirrors with black paint

Step 10: Finished Product