Introduction: Vintage Edison Chandelier

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Here is a chandelier equipped with 3 Led filament bulbs in vintage style.

The tendency of this kind of chandelier is to have a wood beam, around which the electric cables are wound.
I find it too loaded and it could quickly become a dust nest! So I made this more refined version.

Quick video:


  • a wooden board (reclaimed)
  • 3 Amber glass bulbs 6W
  • 3 vintage black E27 sockets
  • twisted electric wire
  • 2 quick connection terminals (Wago)
  • 2 screws + dowels

Vintage black pearl E27 lampholders
19.99 € for 4 so 15 € for 3

Edison bulb E27 6W
26.99 € for 6 so € 13.50 for 3

Retro braided electric wire 5m
10.99 €

Around 40 €.

Step 1: Wood Cutting and Drilling

I cut a piece of reclaimed wood plank from a bed frame. For this I used the miter saw.

After filing the edges, I traced the location of the holes following the plan.

Above there are 3 holes made with a 30mm cutter to hide the clamps, and below there are two 15mm holes for the plugs which hide the screws.

Step 2: Dig Wood

A cavity is made with the router to be able to embed the terminals, and 2 grooves to pass the wires.

Step 3: Assembly of Lamp Sockets

I assembled the sockets, then I connected the electrical wires.

I chose a braided black wire to stay in the vintage style.

Step 4: Final Assembly

I added a cable hose clamp to secure the cables.

I made the connections of the phases and the neutrals with quick connection terminals.

I glued the cables with a hot glue gun.

And finally I screwed the 3 bulbs !

Step 5: Done!

For the assembly I used plasterboard screws that I hid with black plastic caps.

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