Introduction: Vintage LED Emergency Beer Break Glass

Hi everyone !

I have built this funny emergency beer (or whatever) box with ambiance light, and I decided to share it with you !

Enjoy :)

Step 1: Preparing the Box

I recovered this Emergency Break Glass Box from my oncle who worked in the building industry. He didn't have the key to lock the box, so I replaced the lock with a new one I bought on Aliexpress for an insanly low price.

I advise to remove the glass while you are working on the box. Luckily, there already where a hole for holding the main switch. I decided to set up an emergency stop button, funnier than other switches :)

The only hole I needed to drill is the one to run wires to bring electricity to power up the LEDs.

Perhaps you will need to drill other holes to set your angled mounting brackets. Finaly, I attached my angled mounting bracket and cut the excess of the screw with a rotary tool.

Anyway, there isn't to much work in this step (But it's the biggest one :)

Step 2: The Circuitry

I am using a piece of 12V LEDs strip to lights-up the box, that is bright and easy to set. I gluded it at the top of the box, between the switch and the hinge.

- That's very, very simple, first connect the 12V(purple) of your power supply to the input of the normally open (NO) switch.

- Then connect the output (dark blue) of the switch to the +12V (+12 on the strip) of your LEDs.

- Finaly, connect grounds of your LEDs (R, G and B on the strip) to the ground of your power supply (light blue).

That's it ! I place a piece of heat shrink tubing to prevent wire-cutting and shortcircuits into the hole I drilled earlier.

Step 3: Setup

You can install it anywhere you want. A wall, a piece of fourniture... Personnaly, I clamped it between to pieces of wood on a piece of fourniture (very close to my desktop :)

Carfully replace the glass into the box and place your favorit beer inside. So in case of emergency, break glass and drink !

Cheers !

Parts list:

- Emergency Stop Button x1

- Emergency Box (small size here) x1

- LEDs strip (RGB if you want to control colours)

- Wires, brackets and screws --- Local store

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