Introduction: 'Save the Date' Wedding Invites - Vintage Style - Postal Stamp - Luggage Labels

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I wanted to send out 'Save The Date' Cards to our wedding guests before sending out the actual invites. This way people know the date and can keep it free.

I made my original ones using a custom made ink stamp and some bought labels from eBay. This instructable however shows you how to make them at home without a custom ink stamp.

Date Made: Jan 2013
Approx Cost: £1
Approx Time: 1 hour (depending how many you have to make)
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1: Things You Need

Materials You Need

* Card or Thick Paper (A4, coloured or not) - I actually ended up using old recycled brown envelopes as I liked the look of them!
* String

Tools You Need

* Computer/Printer
* Sharp Knife/Scissors
* A ruler for getting straight cuts
* Hole Punch

Step 2: Design

I think 'Save The Date' cards need to be small enough so that people can keep them on their fridge.

So I set about designing my own.

We were going for a vintage theme, and I liked the simplicity of having bare minimum info, so I went along the lines of a postal mark stamp on a luggage label!

The word template for 12no labels is attached here.

Step 3: Print

Select the coloured paper/card/envelope that you want.

Print the templates in a colour that will compliment your choice of card colour.

I went with old recycled brown envelopes cut down to A4 size.

Print the template at 1:1 on A4.

Step 4: Cut Out

Use your scissors or knife and ruler to cut out the individual labels.

You could do this with a laser or electronic cutter if you have the facilities.

Step 5: Punch Hole

Use your hole punch to create a hole in the center of the 'pointed' end.

Step 6: String

Cut a piece of string to approx 200-250mm long. Fold it in half and feed it through the hole. Then feed the ends of the string back through the looped end of the string. This will secure it in place.

Step 7: Put in Envelope and Send

Either make or buy envelopes of a matching size. I got mine from eBay fairly cheaply.

Put the label in the envelope, and either post off or hand over in person.

The recipient can then hang on their fridge or other such place to remind them not to go on holiday that day!!!

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