Introduction: Vintage Vinyl Dessert Stand

Step 1: Gather All of Your Materials:

You will need: 

Three vinyl records. They will need to be different sizes, so you'll need a 78, a 33 1/2, and a 45. I found mine at Salvation Army for $.50 a piece.

A cupcake stand centerpiece. I found mine on amazon for a total of $3.50. The kit will come with a metal screw, a metal washer, six foam washers, two center rod pieces, and a third rod piece with a handle on top. 

A 45 converter. The 45 vinyl was created with a much larger hole in the center, and you will need an adapter to make sure that the record stays on the center rod. You could try to use large metal washers to do the same thing, but i found that an adapter (which cost $10 for a pack of 15) works best. 

Step 2: Assembly: the Lowest Tier.

For this step, you'll need to sandwhich all of the pieces together. Start with the metal screw. Stack a metal washer, and then a foam one, and then the 78. After that another foam washer, and then screw that bottom piece onto one of the lower center rods. they are the same, so it doesn't matter which.

Step 3: Assembly: the Middle Tier.

Place a foam washer on top of the rod from the lowest tier. Set your 33 1/2 on top of that, then another foam washer, and, finally, the second plain rod piece. screw it on tightly. 

Step 4: Assembly: Upper Tier.

For the final step, place a foam washer on top of the last piece of rod. Go ahead and snap in your plastic adapter-- or use large metal washers instead-- as you'll need this to be done before it will sit on top of the rod. Lower it on, then top with a foam washer. Screw on the final piece of the center rod kit, and you're done! 

Step 5: Fin!

Yay! You're done! 
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