Introduction: Vinyl Record Clock

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In this instructable I´m going to show you how to make a clock that will be a perfect for a music lover.

If you have vinyl records that you want to display, this is a beautiful way to show off your favourite. And you´ll be looking at it several times a day.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

A vinyl record

An embroidery ring

An old clock

Black vinyl (if you want cover the center)


Silicone glue

White permanent marker

Step 2: Cover the Center

If you have a record you like you can skip this step.

In my record, the label was old and faded, so I covered it with adhesive vinyl.

Just measure the centre, find an object that´s more or less that size, trace it and cut it.

Use the scissors to make a hole in the middle.

Step 3: Glue the Ring

Use the marker to trace where the ring will be. Use that mark as a guide to put the glue.

Stick the ring into the record.

Step 4: Paint

I wanted to draw notes all around instead of the numbers.

Step 5: Put the Movement

Disassemble the clock.

Pull the hands, make sure you keep all the small pieces and remember the order. It can have washers, spacers, nuts.

Use the silicone glue to attach the movement at the back, then assemble the front part, with the handles and all the other pieces.

Step 6: Hang

The embroidery ring is perfect for making space for the movement and is also the piece that will support the clock against the nail at the wall.


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