Introduction: Virtual Expeditions and 3D Design

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Explore new wonders in the world as you embark on a virtual expedition. Then recreate a memorable moment using Tinkercad.

Step 1: Go on a Virtual Expedition

Choose any of the places on the Virtual Expeditions list or select a place of your own you've always wanted to explore.

Step 2: Record Your Observations

Use the Virtual Expeditions Guide to document your observations as you explore new wonders and places.

Step 3: Recreate a Memorable Moment

Choose a scene, landmark, animal, or object that truly caught your eye and recreate it using Tinkercad.

Visit the Tinkercad Learning Lab if you need a refresher on the basic 3D design functions.

Step 4: Share Your Expedition

Upload a picture of your 3D model to our online classroom and share it with your fellow explorers.

Step 5: Check Out the Places We Explored

Photo 1: This student recreated a scene of the abandoned whaling ship in South Georgia from the Modern Explorer Virtual Expedition with National Geographic Explorer Alizé Carrère and Lindblad Expeditions Naturalist Tom Ritchie.

Photo 2: This student explored the Galápagos Island through Google Earth and recreated the Sierra Negra Volcano Eruption.

Photo 3: This student decided to choose her own expedition and found a video on YouTube where she journeyed to Ancient Egpyt and explored The Great Pyramids.

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