Introduction: Virtual Study Cards

Welcome to the tutorial on how to make virtual study cards right from your laptop.

Step 1: Cram Study Tool

When you get your laptop opened, go to and create a free account.

Step 2: Title the Flashcards

After clicking create flashcards, create a title for the flashcards you are working on.

Step 3: Type Questions/answers

Scroll down and begin to type the questions and answers to the questions you are being tested over.

Step 4: Create Cards

After creating the questions and answers, go to the bottom and click create set.

Step 5: Begin to Review Cards

Click the green tab or the space bar on your laptop to begin reviewing the cards you created.

Step 6: Question/Answers

Click the flip button in the bottom right corner to see the other side of the card and then the next button to go to the next card to review.

Step 7: Testing

Other features on the website is a page to test yourself on the cards that you created.

Step 8: Reading Games

More features that you get to use on cram is a game feature that will allow you to continue working on the area you are working in, only in a fun way!