Introduction: Vogue Lamp Shade

Let's snazz up your room with a cute piece of weaving decor!

Step 1: Collect Your... Magazines!

Remember those checkout line impulse purchases? Well, we all know they are sitting in the back of your closet - don't act like your above that. Now, finally, you can put them to good use!

Step 2: Pick Out the Cutest Snazziest Aesthetic Pages

While doing this, think about what colors and patterns you would like in your end result.

Life Hack: Put your palms flat on the pages and gently but firmly pull one page from the seam.

If that doesn't work, you can use scissors but it might look that time you tried to cut your bangs yourself ;)

Step 3: Strips!

Choose your favorite pages and cut them into strips (as equal as possible!)

Step 4: Sort Them!

Lay the strips out on a flat surface in an arrangement that you find appealing. (Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!). Lay about 10 vertical strips down so that a horizontal strip would reach from one end to the other, leaving a little room on either end, without being too long or too short. Make multiple of these 10 strip squares because we will need several (about three depending on your lampshade) to cover the lampshade.

Then, tape the top of the vertical strips together so that they stay in place when you weave.

Step 5: Weave!

Take a horizontal strip and weave it under and over the vertical strip, making sure to alternate if you start at under versus over with each additional horizontal strip. Fold the excess strip length over and tape it down.

Step 6: Now What??

Take your weaving piece and decide what you want to do with it. Do you want to make a book cover? A fancy mat? Or maybe you want to make a cute cover for your lampshade?? Well, just take your piece and tape it onto your lamp!!!

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