Introduction: Voice Controlled Car Home Made

hello guys..this is our project..

thats called voice control robot thats controlled bluetooth hc-05 via a smartphone app. The app is developed in such a way that it convert the voice command to text and transfer the text to the connected Bluetooth device. The bluetooth connected on the Arduino board receives text from the Android app as characters and stored them as string to the assigned String.There are words pre-programmed (forward, reverse, right , left and stop) to the arduino , whenever the received text matches with the pre-programmed words ,the arduino executes the command that assigned to the words. Arduino can connect to Laptop to monitor serial communication and check the working process and the words received by the Bluetooth.


1.arduino uno

2.bluetooth module

3.l298n driver module

4.battrery (high voltage will give good working)

5.jumber wire bread board motor and wheel

Step 1: Blutooth Connecting

Import thing is don't connect the bluetooth module,when uploading program

* vcc of bluetooth is connect to +5v
* gnd is connect to gnd

* tx pin is connet to 10pin of arduino

* rx pin is connect to 11pin of arduino

Step 2: Circuit Connection

at 1st

in our project we use as l293d ic but you can use motor driver module thats can easily to make... so in l293d ic 2,7,10 and 15 are pins as input thats are connected to arduino pin... in our programming we use this pins 2pin of l293d connect to 8pin of arduino (for left motor 3and 6pin of l293d). 7pin of l293d connect to 4pin of arduino(for left motor 3 and 6pin of l293d). 10pin of l293d connect to 7pin of arduino(for right motor 11 and 14 of l293d). 15pin of l293d connect to 3pin of arduino(for right motor 11 nad 14 of l293d). +5v of l293d are connet to 9v battery to mini breadboard.. bluetooth module:-



tx---------------10pin of arduino

rx---------------11 pin of arduino..

sooooo....connect this pins easily by jumper wires which can make this project so easy.. and dont worry..

Step 3: Uploading the Code

here the code to bellow...don't connect bluetoth to arduino now

sooo..copy this code and paste in your arduino.. then compile and upload to arduino board..

#include SoftwareSerial BT(10, 11); //TX, RX respetively String readvoice; void setup() { BT.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600);

pinMode(8, OUTPUT);

pinMode(4, OUTPUT);

pinMode(3, OUTPUT);

pinMode(7, OUTPUT); } //-----------------------------------------------------------------------/

/ void loop()


while (BT.available()){

//Check if there is an available byte to read

delay(10); //Delay added to make thing stable

char c =; //Conduct a serial read

readvoice += c; //build the string- "forward", "reverse", "left" and "right" }

if (readvoice.length() > 0) { Serial.println(readvoice);

if(readvoice == "go")


digitalWrite(8, HIGH);

digitalWrite (4, HIGH);




} else if

(readvoice == "back")


digitalWrite(8, LOW);

digitalWrite(4, LOW);

digitalWrite(3, HIGH);




else if (readvoice == "up")


digitalWrite (8,HIGH);

digitalWrite (4,LOW);

digitalWrite (3,LOW);

digitalWrite (7,LOW);

delay (100);


else if ( readvoice == "on") {

digitalWrite (8, LOW); digitalWrite (4, HIGH);

digitalWrite (3, LOW);

digitalWrite (7, LOW);

delay (100);


else if (readvoice == "hello")


digitalWrite (8, LOW);

digitalWrite (4, LOW);

digitalWrite (3, LOW);

digitalWrite (7, LOW);

delay (100);

} readvoice="";}} //Reset the variable

Step 4: Connect to Bluetooth Via Smartphone Android App

this is very good and secured app .i strongly recommand this one. but you can download other app also

app photos

  • go------for forward

  • back-----for backward
  • up-------for left
  • on-------for right
  • hello-----for stop
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