Voltage Adapter

Introduction: Voltage Adapter

High voltage on flash hot shoe? An insert between camera and OLD flashgun.

Step 1: Circuit

Well, it is not new idea. It is not a patent.
It is  common principle how a thyristor works.

Step 2: Parts From Scrap

Left is a shoe from old broken flash - unscrewed and right is part  form disposable camera, just cut it of ...

Step 3: Insert

All parts together.
I made from Plexiglas an insert, thickness about 35x30x8 mm, and carved proper extension slots..

Step 4: Lower Part

Of course, different extension slot for lower shoe...

Step 5: Upper Part

Upper part have a different print so the extension slot has to be made different  way...

Step 6: Testing

On paper was all OK, but now a real situation...to adjust components.

Step 7: Works or Not?

This is when I use original voltage from flash... Red wire to touch a gate ... it works!

Step 8: Before Assembling

Final  testing before assembling and gluing...

Step 9: Squash

Trickiest part of all. Put everything inside...

Step 10: Before Gluing

And now only to apply few drops of Cianacrylat glue (fast glue)...

Step 11: Left Wiev

Assembled. Stitched on. Ready. Go.

Step 12: Right Wiev

Well, so I made it. I can put any old flash now on and under I have a low  voltage.
It works for me.

You can do this on different way. Different form. Different results.
Remember, what you do- it on you own risk.


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    12 years ago on Introduction

    would using an scr thyresister work as well, i use it on my sound switch

    Phil B
    Phil B

    13 years ago on Introduction

    It would be great to have an easy, reliable circuit that works on all digital  cameras that use a pre-flash or series of pre-flashes so a slave strobe would fire when the shutter is open, not when the pre-flashes fire.  I found one someone posted on the Internet, but it did not work for me.

    Thank you for a good Instructable.