Introduction: Volume of a Cylinder

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A Cylinder is a common object in everyday life, like a can. Some people for whatever reasons need to know the volume of the cylinder, how much room there is inside a cylinder.

Now it might seem like a difficult thing to find, but really all you need to know, as with most math, is a simple equation.

PI r squared x height

or more commonly seen as in the picture below.

Step 1: Stuff That May Help You Learn :D

Some stuff that may help the learning process and also assist you in following this Instructable.

A pencil
A ruler or tape measure
A can
A calculator

None of this is necessary but may help if you are a visual learner, or work better writing things out.

Step 2: The Formula

Now before we start lets look at the formula, to make sure we fully understand.
if any part of this sounds confusing, the pictures should define it a little more clearly.

Pi the first symbol is a number, the exact number cannot be calculated as it is an infinite decimal sequence, but for the purposes of this instructable, and most math classes 3.14 should suffice.

r represents radius, radius is a mathematical term used when talking about circles the radius is half the diameter of a circle. The diameter of a circle is the measurement across the circle at its widest point.

The little 2 above and to the right of the r just means that r is squared or multiplied by its self.

The star is just there to show that you have to multiply the left side by the right side.

h represents the height of the cylinder.

Step 3: Measuring

Now we will measure the can, then we can use our formula.
The pictures will go step by step

Now your measurements may differ from mine, but for the sake of demonstrating correctly i will use mine, substitute where necessary.

For my diameter i got 2.875 in. I'm using decimals because i find them easier to work with.
Now the last measurement will give us our radius just divide the diameter by 2

my radius was 1.4375 in.

My height was 5.5 in.

Step 4: Actual Work

Now we will actually work with the formula for the volume.
As in the last step the pictures will follow the steps in the formula.

First i like to start by writing out the formula.

then i substitute in my measurements

then do the math, in a calculator just type them in,
if you are doing them on paper or in your head, it might be easier to start at the r squared part
just multiply your radius by its self.

then multiply that answer by 3.14

then multiply that answer by the height.

Step 5: Done

Once you finish calculating the volume you need to right your answer,

The way to write out your answer is in cubic units.

in my case it would be in cubic inches.

Now you should have the volume of your can or cylinder, in the case of a can it might be off by a bit.

Step 6: The End

If this instructable taught you how to find the volume of a cylinder.

If it has from now on you should be able to find the volume of a cylinder when given the radius or diameter and the height of it.

The formula is the hardest part to remember, put once you get it down you can find the volume of any cylinder.

Here is another problem to help you remember, try without the help from the other pages.

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