Introduction: WALL BAR

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Wall bar is the second project that I had made right after the wooden slide. It is part of indoor playground project that I want my children to have fun with. First I needed to fix the mould wall because I wouldn't want the wall bar to be fixed unto an unstable wall which had small cracking marks constantly appeared on the surface of the paint and hollow sound when knocking on it. .

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Step 1: Fixing Mould Wall

Starting with mending the wall, so I knocked off mould areas, and found out what behind the wall are hollow bricks. I marked the bricks but not mortar just to make sure later I won't anchor the wrong spot. (Mortar is used to bind two bricks together, mortar is too weak to be anchored, and wall bar can possibly fall down if not anchored properly. )

I started to apply cement to the wall, and finishing putty after it is dried.

Step 2: Drilling Holes and Anchoring

To anchor the wall bar, I measured the thickness of the brick and cement layer, and purchased hollow brick anchor 627 which is for M6 screw and can anchor 25mm thick wall. I drilled where I marked the brick spots with 13mm bit, and applied anchors to 9 holes. Anchored them manually.

Step 3: Fixing Top and Bottom Bar

I suppose you don't need so many anchors, I just want to have safer wall bar for kids, that is why i applied 9 of them to the wall. Next, I measured all anchors' location and drill holes to top and bottom boards. If they are correct holes for screws, then you can take it off and start to assemble the wall bar itself.

Step 4: Drill Holes for Poles and Assembly

Holes location are measured 30 cm apart and I used hole bit to drill holes about 2cm deep. (Side bars are 4cm thick).After it is done, I used wooden screws to fix it to the top and bottom board that i'd taken off from the wall after I i was certain that right hole locations are drilled to meet the location of all anchors.

Step 5: Ready to Play

I made sure it could sustain my weight (80kg) before I let my kid to start to play. and it was very rigid.