Introduction: WW2 Fighting Dagger Tutorial

In this instructable I will show you how to make a world war two fighting dagger out of an old piece of metal. For a best visual suport I made a youtube video where I go on step by step. -link at the end


Step 1: Drawing

make a template and copy it to the blade.

Step 2: Cut the Blade

cut the blade with the cutting wheel

Step 3: Finish the Profile of the Knife

finish the profile of the knife with the angle grinder or a

Step 4: Bevel

make the bevel with the angle grinder

Step 5: Make Everithing Nice

make everithing nice and clean with a file and diferent sand paper

Step 6: Heat Treat

heat the blade until it's non magnetic and then get it in oil for about 15 seconde. After put the blade in the oven to temperate it with mom's chicken ;)

Step 7: Final Sanding

Final sanding with different grid sand paper.

Step 8: Guard

cut a piece of alluminium for the guard and work it until it fit perfectly.This stage is rather difficult make sure not to exceed the thickness of the stalk. I have of to begin again this stage because I have to exceed the thickness

Step 9: Handle Pt.1

cut piece of leather that you stack on the knife and glue with epoxy.

Step 10: Handle Pt.2

shape the handle when it's drye

Step 11: Final Step

the last step is to dye the lether and sharpen the knife

Step 12:


the Dagger is ready to go! for a more detail visual suport go on my youtube chanel where I go step one by one for the realisation of this knife:

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