Introduction: WW2 Springfield

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Hello everyone! I have been working on this gun for a while, but never got the time to post it. So here it is: My version of the World War 2 Springfield. I added a scope on the gun that I found off of a site. If I do say so myself, it's my best so far.

I used the slingshot system again because it gets pretty good distance, but this time I used Katarukito's mechanism. It is an ingenious design. Don't forget to subscribe and rate!

Killer~SafeCracker made a review of the gun. You can check it out here.

-Power, I got it to shoot 140 feet. Silentassassin21 got it to shoot 235 feet.
-Very nicely designed true trigger

-Uses moderate straight, brown two-way connectors.

Thanks to:
-barrax for his criticism
-Katarukito for the firing mechanism
-Killer~SafeCracker for the review

Step 1: Parts List

Here is the parts list. It would be pretty disappointing to build the whole gun and then figure you don't have enough pieces. Example: Since the blue rods are 3rd on the parts list, then they are the third picture.

Remember: Colors vary in the world of Knex so look at the pictures if you have trouble.

-Small black/green rods: 166
-Gray/Black rods: 177
-Blue rods: 49
-Medium dark gray rods: 4
-Green/ Red rods: 1
-Black/ Gray rods: 6

-Gray, one-way connector: 4
-White, two-way connector: 3
-Dark gray, right-angle, three-way connector: 21
-Green, 135 degree, four-way connector: 4
-Half-moon, five-way connector: 132
-Brown, straight, two-way connector: 79
-Black snowflake connector: 50 (About half of these can be substituted for the blue 3D connectors.)

Odd Preces:
-Blue spacers: 6
-Multiple angle, blue/black connector sets: 4
-Y connectors: 19
-Female ball sockets: 2 (Optional, but can be substituted for gray, one-way connectors.)

-#64 Rubberbands.

Step 2: Stock

Well here's the stock. Layers 3 and 4 are just fillers so you don't have to build them, but it is highly recommended.

1. What you are making.
2. First layer. Build it twice.
3. Second layer. Build it twice.
4. Add second layer.
5. Third and Fourth layers. Built it twice.
6. Add third layer.
7. Add fourth layer.
8. Add fifth layer.
9. Add sixth layer.

Step 3: Trigger

This is the trigger mechanism made by Katarukito. This is a very well designed and is very versatile so you can almost fit it into any gun.

1. What you are making.
2. Make.
3. Add.
4. Make. The tape is needed.
5. Add.
6. Add spacers.
7. Add the front panel.
8. Build the handle.
9. Closer view.
10. How to attach.

Step 4: Body

This is the body of the gun. You can mod the middle of the barrel for piece efficiency if you want to. I chose my design because it is more sturdy.

1. What you are making.
2. Make.
3. Closer up view of the first layer.
4. Add second layer.
5. Closer up view of the second layer.
6. Add third layer.
7. Closer up view of the third layer.
8. Add fourth layer.
9. Closer up view of the fourth layer. Notice the brown connectors are staggered.
10. Add fifth layer. Same as second.
11. Closer up view of the fifth layer.
12. Add sixth layer. Same as first.

Step 5: Under Body

This is the under body of the gun that gives the gun its shape. Just to let you know, it took forever to get the length right.

1. What you are making.
2. Make the first layer.
3. Make.
4. Add to first layer.
5. Add to first layer.
6. Add.
7. Make for last layer.
8. Add last layer.

Step 6: Scope

I'm actually really proud of this scope. I think I'm getting the hang of replicating them. It's my favorite so far.

1. What you are making.
2. Make.
3. Attach.
4. Add right angle connectors and set aside.
5. Make.
6. Another view.
7. Make.
8. Gather.
9. Attach.
10. Add the bottom gray rods.
11. What the gray rods should look like at the other end.
12. Add a half-moon connector.
13. Make.
14. Attach.
15. Add.
16. Another view.
17. Make. You don't need the ball sockets. They can be replaced.
18. Gather.
19. Attach.
20. Another view.
21. Another view.
22. Attach scope.

Step 7: Assembly

It's pretty easy. Just follow the pictures.

1. Gather Mechanism and Stock.
2. Connect.
3. Closer up view on how the handle should look now.
4. Gather Mechanism and Body.
5. Connect.
6. Gather Body and Under Body.
7. Connect.
8. Snap Under Body in the middle of the Body like shown in the picture.
9. Snap at the end of the Body like shown in the picture.
10. Add scope. Yes it is sunny out and in the morning.

Step 8: Ammo

These are the same bullets from the VSS so you can use whatever ammo you would like, but I found a way to make some removable fins. Follow the pictures if you want.
-Thanks to LordSnipe again for the magnum bullet!

1. Types of ammo
2. Removable fins, what you are making.
3. Wrap a piece of tape tightly around the rod.
4. Take another piece of tape and fold it in half and hold it like this.
5. This is how you set it on the tape. I used a red rod with no tape to show you how it fits on.
6. How your first fin should look.
7. Add as many fins as you want, but this is what it should look like when removed from the rod.

Step 9: Rubberbands

Here is how you attach the rubber bands.

1. Put one rubber band there.
2. Make sure the rubber band goes through the half-moon connector in the mechanism.
3. Make a rubber band chain three rubber bands long.
4. Put two half-moon connectors on it.
5. Put on the end of the gun and snap the missing connectors in.
6. Another view.
7. Put the rods in for sturdiness.

Step 10: Loading and Firing

It's pretty simple actually. Just hook the ammo to the rubber band and snap it into the mechanism.

1. Hook the ammo into the rubber band.
2. Snap it into the mechanism.

Step 11: You're Finished!

Well there you go. You are finished. Have fun with my Springfield. Comment on my Orangeboard if you have any requests on the next gun I should build. Don't forget to subscribe.


I don't want to really end on a bad note so here's a joke.

Q: How do you clean a beach?
A: With some sanditizer.