Introduction: Walk in Circles

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Start with gzumwalt's excellent 3d printed walking toy and you can make a circular walker, sort of a "walking electric train."

Annelle and I have created an animated Christmas display window, Santa's Shop, that we provide at no cost in a business window as a gift to the community. We're always on the lookout for unique and different things to put in the display. We can't disturb the business every day, so toys that require batteries are pretty much out.

Using a low cost "electrical slip ring" and a few 3d printed parts, this fascinating walker can be made to reliably run without batteries.


3d printed walker

Slip ring

3d printed parts


Plywood (12" square)

6 volt dc power supply

Wire, solder, heat shrink tubing

(3) 3mm screws

(2) wood screws

Step 1:

Print the "wire upright" piece and glue or melt (melt using soldering iron) to the walker. Thread motor wires through upright piece.

Step 2:

Push wires from slip ring through "wire rotate" and solder to wires coming from motor.

Step 3:

Secure the slip ring to the "tower" using 3mm screws.

Step 4:

Drill a hole in the center of the plywood and route wires from the slip ring through that hole. Attach the tower to the plywood using two wood screws.

Step 5:

Attach a "fuzzy" piece of Velcro to the side of the walker that is closer to the pole.

Step 6:

Apply power and the walker will circle the pole.

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