Introduction: Wall Decor With Yarn Art

Do you have only a little bit of yarn that you can't crochet with, or knit with? Then, this spectacular Yarn Art is for you! With only a little bit of yarn, a random slab of wood lying in your house, and a couple of nails, you can get Yarn Arting.


1.) Yarn (Preferably not too thick)

2.) Some Nails or any object that you can pierce in your board

3.) Any board (I'm using drywall that I found around my house, but you can use wood or any other strong and durable material)

4.) Command Strips (Or any other material that you are using to hang your finished art)

Step 1: Prep Your Board

Now, I decided to paint my board, because my board was an ugly white with many paint stains. So, naturally, my first step was to paint my board. You can paint or use any other form of decorations to prep your board into a soon to be a masterpiece.

Step 2: Set Up Your Board

Now that you have made the board look pretty, it's time to start to mark your board for where you are going to attach your nails.

Step 3: Put in the Nails

Now, its time to put in your nails, in each one of the marks that you made earlier.

Step 4: Yarn Everything Together

Now it's time to put in your yarn to make your beautiful masterpiece. Just follow the directions above, to learn how to "Yarn Everything Together!" In the First Video, I used the original method, but I didn't like how it looked, so I decided to change the pattern up a little, and you can find this improved pattern in the second video. You can choose either one, and it'll turn out great!

Step 5: Decorate

I decided to decorate my board even more. I added a full wrap around the whole circle, as seen above, to make sure that most of the nails are hidden. I also added some ribbon to the edges to make it look just a tad bit better.

Step 6: Hang Your Work

Now that you have finished your Yarn Art, it's time to hang it. You can choose to hang it on a nail or thumbtack or just use some double-sided tape. I used Command Strips because I find that they are the least expensive, and the best quality.

Step 7: Enjoy!

I hope that you all enjoyed making this yarn art with me. I do really think that it is worth the struggle of me trying to put in the nails because I am not good at putting in nails. But, the project turned out even better than I thought it would be, and would definitely be worth it to make!

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