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This year our 2.5year old decided he would like to be Wall E, and although I didn't manage all his requests (actual trash compactor, working caterpillar treads) in the space of 3 weeks I did make him a realistic Wall E costume with lights & claw grabber hands, I sewed a baby EVE costume for 9month old baby sister, a Human costume for daddy & an EVE with glowing eyes for myself. And the biggest reward - the happiness it brought our son :)

Step 1: Construction

Using foam core boards from the dollar tree, a scalpel, ruler & hot glue gun I scaled up 1:20 from this mini Wall E model (you can just see it sitting on top). My favorite (and my sons) was making the claw grabbers look like Wall E arms - as you can see he couldn't wait to get playing with them!

Step 2: Paint and Rust

My son finally got the chance to get stuck in painting the brown under layer for the rust technique - this added so much time but he was so excited to help. We used acrylic paint (2 browns & then some patches of a gunmetal grey) at first I was just painting where I was going to show the rust, then when my son helped we just did brown all over. I then sprinkled regular table salt (thickly where I wanted main rust spots) then used the yellow spray paint. Once dry, I used a stiff brush to brush off the salt, then decided to use sandpaper by hand then the brush to really work areas of rust. This technique was relatively easy and and was very happy with the results.

Step 3: Wall E - Last Minute

Wall E's eyes were finished with plastic from an apple carton - they were good enough but I would have liked more time on them.

So the day of the Halloween party my son really couldn't wear the main body (it had just become too heavy) and the eyes were just too awkward to wear on his hat. So very last minute I stole the wheels from our stroller and attached to a PVC pipe frame i knocked up from pieces I had left from another project. And more foam board to the rescue for the neck.

Step 4: EVE

For mummy EVE I mainly used poster board. I took far too long trying to figure out how to make a dome and not even sure quite how it came together. I know at one point i was covering a Globe that looked the right size to go over my head in foil and duct tape lining up on the degrees marks that were handily on it. Then with that segment shape I made the 'triangles' and scotch taped them together & somehow got lucky! I then used white fleece stretched over & hot glued inside to hide all the seams and a white trash bag over that in triangle segments like the inside board. (Does that make any sense? I'm sorry I was extremely sleep deprived due to baby at this point!) I cut the eyes out and then used some blue plastic (dollar tree file divider) with a bit of black netting/tulle on top to give more pixelated look. inside the head i hot glued to little book lights (again from dollar tree).

For the body I used foam core to cut the circle at the top then a circle for my neck off center (so more cycle at the front) then cut it in half and used a bit of webbing & snaps hidden inside to connect is back together round my neck) I used the poster board just hot glued around the edge of the circle, cut room for my arms and cut a circle for the 'plant' light and used green plastic file divider plastic and white card for the plant image, again a dollar tree light inside the body and webbing & snaps on the insides under my arms.

I don't really have many pics of EVE wings/arms but same as the rest, foam core, poster board, white trash back, webbing and snaps onto my arms.

Baby Eve was a quick sew using a hoodie pattern - just lengthen the tops of sleeves to look more like EVE's wings and lengthen the body to more like a dress/sleep sac. I used white fleece and then attached the black fleece 'face' on the hood and holographic sticker paper I happened to have (I'm a hoarder) put it on a cute baby & that's a super easy costume.

My poor husband got the short straw - I found a red t-shirt & sweat pants at walmart, cut pieces of white fleece & hot glued them on, painted on fleece for the logo & stuck some pillows up his shirt - which are missing in all the pics!

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