Introduction: Wall Hanging Ball Rack

Hi All,

My son has several cricket balls, footballs and basket ball. And when I open, my son's toy wardrobe, these balls fall off the shelves or mess up all toys inside

So thought to make simple wall hanging ball rack, that could hold 3 to 4 footballs/ basket balls and with tray to hold cricket balls

In this intructable, I will share, how to make one

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Wooden strips ( 38 MM x 10MM )
  • Jute Thread ( I had bought this to decorate a bottle, never got time)
  • Thin Nails
  • Fevicol / PVA glue
  • Hammer
  • Wood Saw
  • Brown Oil paint and brush to apply

Step 2: Frame Work

  • Cut 8 wooden strips for 266mm
  • Make two squares as shown in pics
  • On one of the squares fix 3 strips

This will be our tray to hold cricket balls

Step 3: Paint Job

  • Sand the wood with 150 Grit sand paper and then with 220 grit
  • Mix 1:1 ratio for oil paint and thinner, in a large container
  • Brush thin layer over the wood ( It is recommended to first coat the wood with wood primer, I skipped that part.
  • Leave the framework to dry for 24 to 48 hrs

Step 4: Hanging and Threading


  • Using a drilling machine, drill holes on the wall
  • Hang the bottom and top frames as shown


  • I used jute thread, but elastic thread would be ideal
  • I made simple 3 lines of thread on each sides

Step 5: Testing and Improvements

I asked my son to test the rack by placing some balls in it and then removing it.

I noticed few issues

• The balls fell over at the corner
• The top frame was stressed too much due tensions of the threads, it needed support

I tried adding an extra support to it and worked the way I wanted

Future improvements

• Paint the supporting stick to match the rack framework
• Replace jute thread with elastic thread or paracord
• May be add support midway to support better

Please share your comments, how I can improve this further


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