Wargaming Terrain

Introduction: Wargaming Terrain

A ruined Gothic cathedral, broken in half by bombardment. Scaled for 28mm figures, base measures 60cm x 30cm (24in x 12in), max height 45cm (9in). Hand made from foamboard, plastic rod, polystyrene & wire. Hand painted. Any comments/critiques very welcome!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is really impressive work!

    I'd love to see more details on how you achieve this look. If you make more stuff like this, you should snap some photos along the way. This deserves a full how-to write up, if you ever fee so inclined. So nice! :)


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you - much appreciated!
    I put this together about 4 years ago, based on my earlier experiences with converting a 1:35 scale diorama building facade plastic kit into a ruined 'Gubernatorium' and subsequently a scratch built 4 storey 'Hab Block', made from foamboard.
    The key learning points i think are worth passing on would be:

    Use black 5mm thick foamboard for the bulk of the model (which makes undercoating much quicker at the painting stage), with 2mm thick foamboard for doorframes & other details and sparing use of 10mm board for buttresses.

    The external walls are 12mm thick, created by cutting the desired shape from 5mm board, then using the first cutting as a template for the rear section. A 2mm wide spacer strip is then inserted into the gap between the 2 sheets & pushed down to a depth of a few millimeters. This gap is then filled with silicon flexible cavity filler (such as Polyfiller) and a light sprinkling of fine sand is applied to distress the edges.

    I made some 3 x 3 inch square plastic card window templates, which can be reused, to draw the windows on to the 2mm foamboard. The window 'frames' are cut out and inserted between the 5mm wall sheets before the spacer strip is fixed in place.

    I have to confess to cheating on the frames inside the windows - these were cut from plastic moulds from the diorama kit!

    The paint job was pretty standard - large areas blocked in with decorating brushes, before switching to finer brushes for drybrushing & detail work.

    Hope this is useful - all the best,