Introduction: Warhead Sour Candy Shooter

One of my favorite candies as a kid (and adolescent) were all sorts of crazy sour ones which were always great for dares. Being an "adult", dares can be a bit more interesting and involve booze, so here's a fun shot inspired by Warheads, the sweet delicious hard candy with a face-imploding sour coating.

No worries - it's good and quite a lot of fun!

And there's a kid-friendly version!

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need the following:

  • Lemon juice or lime juice
  • Blue curacao

Note: You can substitute grenadine for blue curacao to make this kid-friendly.

Step 2: The Build

In a 2 oz shooter glass, fill roughly two-thirds with blue curacao.

Note: If you want more sour action, pour less.

Carefully float lime or lemon juice by pouring on the side of the glass slowly.

Note: A squeeze bottle helps.

Sip the juice until you can no longer handle it and then shoot the rest!

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