Introduction: Washers Game (or Urban Horse Shoes)

Do you like the game Horse Shoes, but unfortunately live in the city and don't have the yard space? Maybe you just can't throw those heavy metal U's. Whatever the reason, Washers is a simple game for the whole family or college student that's simple to play, quick to set up and break down anywhere (grass, stone, dirt, pavement). The following instructions are how to build my version of the game: Washers.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Materials List:
2 - 12 length of Nylon Rope
2 - PVC pieces; 3 " height and 3 " O.D.
6 - Galvanized Washers; 2 O.D.
4 - Decorative L brackets (solid brass)
4 - Nuts and bolts for L brackets
16 - 8x3 wood screws
8 - 1 " wood screws
2 - 14x14 squares of artificial grass
2 - 14x14 squares of plywood (3 ply thick)
4 - Nail staples (to secure rope)
2 - Cans of spray paint (two colors)
1 - 10" length of 2x4 wood
1 - Can of clear wood finish or stain
1 - Box of staples
4 - Latching or locking mechanism
2 - Magnetic retriever tools

All in all it'll cost almost $30 in materials (assuming you have tools already).

Recommended Tools:
Philips Screw driver
Circular saw
Staple gun
Paint brush
Wood burner (optional)

Step 2: Assemble the Frame

Assemble the 2x4's into a 14x14 square frame using the 3 wood screws (miter the
joints or butt lengths together; pre-drill holes for the screws)

Step 3: Da'Grass!

Staple the 14"x14" pieces of artificial grass to the squares of plywood. You could use any type of fabric or carpeting. I picked up some scrap outdoor carpet grass at the local hardwood store for pennies.

Step 4: Bottom

Attached each 2x4 frame to a square of plywood.

Step 5: PVC (the Cup)

Drill 2 holes in each piece of PVC for the L brackets (use the brackets to
measure hole placement). Then attach the brackets to the PVC (using nuts and bolts).

Put the PVC inside the box using small screws through the open L bracket holes (make sure to center the PVC in the box).

Step 6: Handles

Nail the 2 lengths of nylon rope with the staples to make handles on the boxes.

Step 7: Latching

Attach latching or locking mechanism to the completed boxes. I put one on each side. There are a number of styles to use depending what you find at the store.

Step 8: All Finished! and Rules

Finally, just spray paint the galvanized washers two different colors (Red vs. Blue).

And play Washers

Two teams of two (red vs. blue);
Set boxes approx. 12 ft apart (may offset boxes)
One person from each team throws washers into box alternating turns

Washer in box or on top rim of box = 1 point
Washer leaning on cup on inside of box = 2 points
Washer inside of cup (leaning or flat) = 3 points (a cupper!)
Every washer counts, Colors cancel out.
First team to 21 points wins.
Scoring Example One: 1 blue in cup; 1 red in cup, 2 red in box  Score = 2 points for Red Team.
Scoring Example Two: 1 blue in box, 1 blue in cup; 2 red in box, 1 red leaning on outside of cup  Score = O points, round draw.