Washi Box

Introduction: Washi Box

You will need:

  • One or two sheets of foam board, enough to cut out six 8 inch square pieces.
  • Five sheets of 8 inch square scrapbooking paper. This is a common size that is sold in books or packs of paper.
  • Washi style tape in a coordinating color.
  • Duck tape, clear plastic packing tape, or brown paper packing tape.
  • Scissors.
  • pencil/pen.
  • glue sticks
  • a utility knife.
  • About six inches of ribbon
  • A drawer pull knob

Step 1: Cut Foam Board

Use utility knife to cut foam board

Step 2: Tape Foam Board

Use duct tape, packing tape, or scotch tape to tape foam board together into a cube.

Step 3: Glue Paper

Glue Scrapbook paper onto foam board.

Step 4: Add Knob and Ribbon

Punch a hole in the foam board and insert the knob and ribbon

Step 5: Add Washi Tape

Add washi tape around the edges and embellish as deisred

Step 6: For More Information

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