Introduction: Watch Strap Secret Hiding Place

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Have a watch? Use it as a hiding place that always stays with you! This is great for holding on to notes for friends or stashing a cheat sheet for your next test. It's just three steps so what are you waiting for?

All you need is:

A watch with a strap loop

A piece of paper

Pen or pencil

Step 1: Write Your Note

Write out what you want to say on a small piece of paper. As a general rule; make it really small, what ever that means to you. I ripped a but of paper from my notebook but use what ever you have.

If write with any sort of ink be sure it doesn't bleed. You don't want someone reading what you wrote. Also, the excess ink can make the paper wet. This means it will be harder to fold and more likely to tear.

Step 2: Fold It Up

Fold up your note nice and tight. Make sure that it will fit underneath your watch loop, often times mine were too wide. You can prevent this by putting the paper next to your loop to see if it will fit or not. Also, if you make the paper thick by folding it then it will stay in place better. However, be weary that the paper doesn't get too thick or else it won't fit.

Step 3: Tuck Into Watch Loop

Tuck your folded note into your watch loop. Be sure the watch is on your wrist when doing this. If your note is too loose and moves around then add a small bit of tape to keep it in place.

Now you've successfully hidden your secret note and can keep it with you where ever.

To access note:

If there is any tape, carefully peel it off. Then untuck the note and unfold it.

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