Introduction: Water Bottle Belt

Trouble keeping your pants up?

Don't know what to do with all those pesky water bottles?

Here's a handy way to solve both those problems!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To craft the Water Bottle Belt, you will need 12 water bottles (16 oz), an actual belt, a cutting knife, scissors, a hot glue gun, and gorilla hot glue sticks.

Step 2: Prepping the Water Bottles

In order to prep the water bottles, you'll first want to cut the top and bottom away from the body.

Measure out 1.5" from the top and 1.5" from the bottom. Mark these and cut a straight line

Keep the the top and the bottom pieces together, while placing the middle piece to the side.

Repeat 12 times.

Step 3: Building the Belt (Part 1)

Now we will begin building the Belt.

You'll need the hot glue from now on.

Take your top plastic strip and make three vertical glue lines on the plastic - down the left, middle, and right.

Once you have done this, take the bottom plastic strip and lay it down directly on the other, fusing the pieces together.

Press firmly to spread the glue throughout.

After this, rub the hot end of the glue gun across the plastic strip until it begins to straighten.

Repeat 12 times.

As you continue to build paired plastic strips, lay them alongside an actual Belt to ensure proper length.

Step 4: Building the Belt (Part 2)

Take the middle plastic pieces and cut along the seam to create a flat piece.

Cut the length down to 5"

Step 5: Building the Belt (Part 3)

Important to read through before starting this step.

Take a paired piece of plastic and make two vertical glue lines down one end.

Take another paired piece of plastic and place its end on the glue lines.

You should have an extended piece of plastic strip now.

Take a middle piece of plastic from Step 5 and glue to piece in a manner that makes a perpendicular intersection. Then wrap the middle piece around until you have to glue it and fuse all the pieces to create a reinforced extended piece

Repeat this step until you have one fused, reinforced strip of plastic from all your previous paired strips.

Step 6: Making the Buckle

Take 6 of the bottle bottoms that you cut out in Step 2.

Stack 3 on top of each other, glueing them together as you stack.

Repeat this to create 2 stacks.

Fuse the stacks together as pictured above, reinforced as much as you can with hot glue.

Once completed, cut a hole through the middle of the structure. Reinforced the structure with hot glue, as needed.

Step 7: Combining Belt and Buckle

Cut one end of the Belt out as the picture shows above.

Feed the end through and hot glue.

Step 8: Creating the Pin

Cut strips away from the bottle top that you cut in Part 2.

Stack those strips and fuse together.

Step 9: Combining Belt and Pin

Cut a hole in the loop holding the buckle.

Glue the pin in and reinforce, as needed.

Step 10: Sizing the Belt

Cut holes into the Belt, based on the sizing that you need.

Reinforce the holes with hot glue.

Step 11: Finishing the Belt

Try it on, you're done!