Introduction: Water Colour Sky

The Instructable on how to draw a sky with water colours.

Step 1: Hold the Paper in Place

Tape the sides of the paper to hold it in place.

Step 2: Start With the Base Colour

Dip a big wet brush in light blue colour, paint the paper with it to make the Sky.

Step 3: Forming Clouds

With a cotton rub out some of the blue to make blank spaces as the base for the clouds

Step 4: Adding Shades

With a small brush dipped in to a dark blue add shade under the clouds to make the image more "realistic".

Step 5: More Shading

With a small brush dipped into light grey add shade on the clouds. Mix some paint with water to make the colour even lighter and make various shades of grey.

Step 6: Finishing

Leave the paper to dry and take of the tape. The painting is done!