Introduction: Water Propelled Bottle Rocket

This is a guide to build a water-propelled bottle rocket in just a few easy steps using supplies that are ear already in your home or easy to find.


a water bottle (should be kinda tall), plastic piping about 6-8 inches of it, thick tape, hot glue gun, popsicle sticks (average size)

Step 1: Getting the Base

first, you will want to find a tallish plastic bottle, take the wrapping off, and cut a hole big enough to fit the type of tubing you have. the hole should be lower on your project than mine because with further experimentation I have learned that lower is better and more stable. Do not put the hole under the bottle.

Step 2: Connecting the Pipe

your next step is to start to put the tubing in, this step is particularly important because if all of the holes are not properly sealed then the rocket loses pressure and water shoots you in the face. it might help to try to secure the tubing from both sides of the bottle. for added help, you can take another bottles' opening and attach it to the end of the pipe, which may help later when succoring the hose

Step 3: Proper Pressurization

to achieve proper pressurization you will need the bottles opening to be small enough to keep the dart secure without holding it down. I suggest that you take a mega dart put hot glue around the inside of the opening of the bottle and cut the rest of the dart off. this should leave you with a smaller hole.

Step 4: Making the Dart

for making the dart you should get two popsicle sticks and cut one down the middle the long way so you have two long halves of a popsicle stick. the next step will be to glue these two halves onto the whole popsicle stick on either side to make a plus sign when looking down the stick. after completing the last steps you will place glue on one end of the cross and stick it in as far as you can into the nerf dart. after the popsicle is attached to the inside of the nerf tip you can fill in any spaces at the corners of the dart until the dart feels secure,

Step 5: Attaching the Water Source

In this step, all you will need to do is take a duct tape like material and affix the end of the house outside of your home to the plastic pipe and apply tape until you can test it and there are no leaks.

Step 6: End Result

after all of that, you should just stick the dart in the top and put your hose on full. for best results pre-fill the bottle to almost the top then start the experiment.