Introduction: WaterBottle Cellotaped Together WaterBoat.

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Dear all ,

As we can see many water body like pond,river and sea are getting polluted .so we came up with a small project

with which we can clean water as well as it was a great pleasure in making this sINGLE sITTER wATERBOTTLE eLECTRIC bOAT.

We wanted to modify in many ways like remote control so that we can collect trash from water by staying out of water .we can use in swimming pool for fun too.

Step 1: Material Required:

Material needed for making thisSingle sitter water boat from water bottle:

  1. 130 pieces waterbottles.
  2. 10 pieces 2 inch cello tapes.
  3. flute material.
  4. 2 inch pvc pipes 1 meter in length
  5. 12v dc gear motor.
  6. 12v rechargable battery
  7. dpdt switches
  8. push button switches
  9. wires
  10. 3d printed parts
  11. gluegun

Step 2: Build the Base of the Boat.

Lets get started .

First of all i think i need to get a bouncy from water of 35 kg as the average weight of the kids are that much.

so the first layer i have connected 6X11= 66 bottles which can easily give me 35 kg lift in water.

and another layer of again 6X11=66 bottle i have added for safety and extra loads like battery and accessories.

To give support i have added flute material in the middle.

first we made a bundle of 6 bottle with the cellotape each of them and stick together to form the base of the Boat.

Step 3: Setting Up Water Pushing Propeller .

This was bit tough as we need to make the propeller from the pvc and flute material.

  • first we cut the flute material 30cmX20 cm into two.
  • we made cut mark and made a plus (+) design
  • we added both side pvc pipes.
  • now we did some 3d printed parts for it to hold this turbine and rotation and i am attaching the .stl file.
  • Next we connected the dc gear motor using a 3d printed couple.

Step 4: Setting Up Electronics to It.

This step is best where we work with soldering iron .

  • first of all we made a steering with cardboard and as this things goes in water so we tape it with the cello tape .for enjoyment we added buzzer to it also.
  • we did the wiring according to the circuit diagram.
  • finally we were ready to go in water and check it .we had a swimming pool so we checked there and it was working fine.

i feel this is very easy to make and this summer we can try making new more design of it. we have many more plans like adding lights and music system and a bag to collect trash to it.

if you like this project give it a thumbs up.

Have a Creative and Innovative day ahead.

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