Waterfountain With 40 LED AAA Battery Power

Introduction: Waterfountain With 40 LED AAA Battery Power

This is the Link to the YouTube Video

The Water Fountain is made from concrete with 40 Waterproof Led Lights embedded into the Concrete using a Special Mortar Formula!

There is 6 Meters of Wire powering the LED's and the wire is hidden using a special formulated Mortar compound.

Their are 3 Battery packs and are hidden on the Backside of the Fountain in Mortar and stone covered compartments easy to access for changing the Batteries! Also include off on switches on each Battery Pack.

The upper Staircase of the fountain has 20 LED's and the Pond and Outer Rocks have another 20 LED's so they can be run together or separately!

The water effect is absolutely Beautiful when the lights are on as the water flows over the LED's.

The Led's are also submersed in the pond.

Everything is Non-Toxic so you could add fish!

Check out the Video on YouTube to see it in action.

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    5 years ago

    This is really cool!

    Do you happen to have any photos from during the process of making it? If you did, those would be really neat to see.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you so much!
    I am going to have to think on this a little:)
    I peek in on DIY every now and then when I receive email notifications on Cool Topics and just happened to see this Notification yesterday on a Contest for 'Using LED Lighting'!
    I had really wanted to include construction photos but, it has taken me years to develop the technique of making these and I guess I feel like it would be like giving away the Secret Ingredient to the KFC Recipe!
    When I say it took years to perfect these I am not joking!!!
    I have flooded the floor so many times and thrown away so many Beautiful little Fountains its enough to make me wanna Ball my eyes out most days:)
    I can tell you that they are 100% made from concrete and real stones as well as a secret waterproof mortar that we use in construction of large outdoor Water Gardens and Water Features, Waterfalls etc...
    I promise, a little later on to do at least an EBook or something similar!
    It is a fairly new aspect of my business as I have finally perfected them and so I guess I would like to get some decent sales happening first before people start copying the work.
    The most important aspects in finally getting it right were ...
    1. Developing a Waterproofing Method.
    2. A Lightweight - High Strength Concrete that was lighter than a Small House and could be handled and moved around.
    3. Hiding Wiring, hoses and the Pumps
    They are tedious little Monsters to put together. This one probably (in reality) took about a month to make!
    The slowest processs is using the Mortar to hide the LED wire and add all the mini stones to hide the mortar!
    I stay in China during the Canadian Off Season as I cant build waterfalls in the winter months in Canada so this one is actually "Made in China" lol.
    All the stones in this are from the South China Sea and the Quartz from the Mountains!
    I was schooled by a Stone Mason who is a Master of Waterfall Construction in the United States whom I was lucky enough to have met before he retired from the Business and his Company developed the Waterproof Mortar which I am sworn to secrecy on the Recipe!
    I am sorry if I have disappointed you or anyone else as I really Love to share!
    I am going to Add some more photos later showing the Backside of the Fountain where the Battery Packs are hidden and the Base of the Fountain is now painted.
    I will see if I can slip a few more tidbits in on construction!
    I have a feeling the Video didn't upload properly last night so I will re post it in a few minutes. I have to use a VPN here in China to access YouTube and often it gets disconnected on me.
    I do have a Website for my Company which is called http://www.webuildwaterfalls.com
    Thanks again for you nice words ...