Introduction: Waterfountain With 40 LED AAA Battery Power

This is the Link to the YouTube Video

The Water Fountain is made from concrete with 40 Waterproof Led Lights embedded into the Concrete using a Special Mortar Formula!

There is 6 Meters of Wire powering the LED's and the wire is hidden using a special formulated Mortar compound.

Their are 3 Battery packs and are hidden on the Backside of the Fountain in Mortar and stone covered compartments easy to access for changing the Batteries! Also include off on switches on each Battery Pack.

The upper Staircase of the fountain has 20 LED's and the Pond and Outer Rocks have another 20 LED's so they can be run together or separately!

The water effect is absolutely Beautiful when the lights are on as the water flows over the LED's.

The Led's are also submersed in the pond.

Everything is Non-Toxic so you could add fish!

Check out the Video on YouTube to see it in action.

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