Introduction: Watering Water Bottle Planter

This is an easy an easy watering water bottle planter.


For this project you will need is 1 water bottle, a pair of scissors, and a roll of tape

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

Make sure you have everything you need and extra in case of an accidental mess up.

Step 2: The Cutting

Cut your water bottle in half or give the bottom a little more than half depending on the size of the plant.

Step 3: The Top of the Bottle

Tape the wall hanger to the upper half of your bottle

Step 4: Fill the Bottle

Fill the upper half of the bottle with water and then hang it on the wall. Secure the hanger with a lot of tape due to how heavy the water will make the top.

Step 5: Done!

Place the lower half of the bottle under the upper half and you now have a water bottle planter with its own water supply that may be released to water the flower.