Introduction: Waterproof Bike Smartphone Shell

Make your waterproof smartphone case for your bike!
Recently I bought on Aliexpress a super shock-resistant smartphone. Alas, it has huge dimensions that do not fit in the hulls of everyday ...

That's why I'll show you step by step how to build yours, with almost nothing : especially tape !

It took me an hour to make everything, the hull is top!

Step 1: A Little Recycling

Look in your bin and set aside a box with clear plastic.

It should not be too thick, or too thin, say less than half a millimeter. Its dimensions must be able to cover both surfaces of your phone.
You will also need of course armed tape and two colson if you want to attach it on your bike. Bring a sharp knife, a piece of wood and go!

Note: To cut properly the tape, stick a piece on the wooden board and cut, the tape is very easy to peel off.

Step 2: Cutting!

Start by removing the neck and bottom of your plastic container with a cutter. Continue cutting the cylinder up and down to obtain a sheet.
Try to aim well, there must be a plastic join, it should not be found on our screen!

Then, put the dimensions of your smartphone on the sheet with an erasable marker, do not hesitate to add half a centimeter to each length.

Step 3: Folding !

Once cut, fold the marks with a piece of wood to have a rectangle in which to slide the smartphone.

Then, clean the interior surface (for example with a cleaning product for windows) because we will soon tape everything.

Step 4: THE TAPE !

Here is finally the stage that you all expect!

Start by taping the rectangle with a piece of scotch cut in half in the middle (to have less width).

Stick on the outside and inside, be careful to not cover the face that will cover the screen of your phone.

Then close one side, use the technique as in the photos, to have a tight result, do not hesitate to put 2-3 layers.

Step 5: More Tape

Continue by covering the inside of the adhesive support (where there will be the back of the phone),to avoid scratches.

Also cover the back and outer sides for a uniform design.

Then we will make the waterproof sock in which we will slide our smartphone. To do this, stick two pieces of adhesive on the inner parts of the box, as in the photos, then help you with a piece of wood to assemble around. Flip a tab on a longer piece, and voila !

The seal is made by wrapping the sock on itself, then sticking the adhesive with the tab.

Step 6: Your Bike

If you want to attach it on your bike, simply attach two zipties firmly on the back, and tighten them on your handlebars.

You can now travel in the rain and control your smartphone with your fingers without risk of endomaging!

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