Introduction: Wave Propeller for Message in a Bottle Reach Destination!

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last year i send a message in the bottle from the noth of Italy..

i've made a very interesting propeller that use only the movement of the waves.

so it can propell also against courrent..

this sistem can move pretty fast..

Step 1: I Recycle All the Parts

Everything started from an old and rusty ruler.

i cut 12 sections that will became the wings "like a small airoplane"

and 24 small tringular shape stoppers.

this stoppers are very important because the wings have to move free..

it have to mole up and down following the movement of the waves.

but stop in precise angle.

45 degrees angle.

i also glued on the bottom of the glider a heavy metal piece so it can sink.

Step 2: How It Works.

this sistem can propell forward in 2 times.

bhe bottle that is on the surface is floating..

the bottle is always moving up and down folowing the movment of the waves.

so a 85 cm nylon string is connected from the bottle to the "wave glider"

if the bottle goes up.. the glider will "fold" his wings down and so it can move forward.

the same thing happens when th bottle goes down from a wave.. the wings of the sea glider folds up.. and the glider will propell forward.

Step 3:

the letter is placed inside the bottle.

and as you can see in the video reach destination afer 700km / 434,96 miles

in 4 months.

Alessio Piras "in the picture" was walking on maimoi beach in Sardinia (italy) foud the bottle!

took many pictures and contact some news paper juounalist

full story and tutorial here: