Introduction: Wavy Birdhouse



Paint shades of blue and a sandy color

Step 1: Step One

Paint white⚪️

Step 2: Step Two

Sketch a design

Step 3: Step 3

Get paint and paintbrushes 🖌

Step 4: Step 4

Paint all ocean area’s 🌊 in Whispering Turquoise by Americana Acrylic paint and Turquoise by craftsmart.

Step 5: Step 5

Sketch shells or other sea animals🐠🐬

Step 6: Step 6

Paint animals🐠🐬🐳

Step 7: Step 7

Paint of the shells to lay on🐚

Step 8: Step 8

Paint front Turquoise by craftsmart

Step 9: Step 9

Lightly paint strips of white

Step 10: Step 10

Paint Strips below the white with Wispering Turquoise by Americana

Step 11: Step 11

Paint Turquoise by cartsmart under Whispering Turquoise . To clean up the bottom
This step is (optional)

Step 12: Last Step

Cover the house in Mod Podge