Introduction: Wax Confetti Disc

A simple yet creative idea that can brighten up any room!

Step 1: Gather the Bits and Bobs

In order to create this instructable you will need

  1. Cake tin liners- I found this better than grease proof paper as it meant that the crayon shavings stayed in place better once you began ironing.
  2. Iron
  3. Crayons- why not use every colour in the spectrum!
  4. Sharpener
  5. Some kind of stencil- I used a cookie cutter
  6. String/ line- so if you want you can hang your creation
  7. Scissors
Now lets get started!

Step 2: Sharpening!

First things first turn on your iron so that you have it pre-heated before you begin to iron and melt the crayon shavings.

Begin by placing one of the cake liners down on a flat surface, then get your sharpener and crayons.

Once you have selected your colours that you are going to use ( I chose red, yellow, purple and green ) you can begin sharpening the crayons and allowing the crayon shavings to fall into the cake liners or grease proof paper.

Step 3: Melty Melty

Place a second cake liner onto the top of your filled cake liner

Now using the preheated iron, you can begin melting the crayon shavings. Be careful when doing this as the shavings do melt faster than you expect, within a matter of seconds the pile of shavings has now turned into a melted mass of crayon

Step 4: Creating the Shape!

*Be patient, you need to wait until the crayon is semi solid before you can begin drawing and cutting out.

Once the wax is cool enough you can get your stencil and carefully draw around it on top of the cake cases.

When you are happy with the shape (circles are the best for first attempts) you can carefully cut around the stencilled shape.

When the wax is fully cooled you can begin to peel back the baking liner, take caution- don't rush this, yes I know you may be excited, but this is super delicate stuff we are dealing with. Continue to peel away both sides of cake tin liner away from the wax.

Step 5: Hang It Up

Cut a length of string and thread through a hole in the wax.

The hole in my wax decoration naturally occurred, this may happen to yours when creating it yourself, however if not you can easily pierce a hole using a pin or needle, or something that is sharp enough not to drag along the delicate wax decoration as you push it through.

You have now Finished!

If you are happy with how it turned out why not create more and string them together to create a mobile for in your room?

this instructable looks super simple but has a super effective finished result.

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Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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