Introduction: Wax Painting

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Instead of making candles I thought it could be more interesting to make something else with wax! So why not drawing with a candle? I realized that wax is impermeable so I decided to draw something with a candle (using it as a "pencil") and then paint on it with diluted paint. My drawing then magically appeared for all to see :)


- White Candle

- Acrylic Paint

- Water

- Paper


- A brush

- A few deep recipients (one for each color)

Step 1: Drawing

Take a paper and draw what you want on it with the candle. It's a little bit difficult to see what you are drawing... so it's better to know beforehand what do you want to draw. Also remember that you can't erase...

P.S. I drew using just one candle's end because I needed it to make other projects.

Step 2: Color Preparation

Now you need to prepare the colors. In a recipient or in a palette put a little drop of paint. Then, add some water to dilute the paint.

This is very important: wax is a natural water repellent. If you put too much paint this project won't work. The idea is to dilute the paint so the wax can repel the water and the paint together and reveal the drawing you made. So, again, don't add too much paint!

Step 3: Painting

Now, you can start painting. Be careful with the mixtures you've done because if they're too watery they will soak the paper. So, paint a layer and when this one is dry, paint a second one. The more layers the more colorful will be the painting, just like when painting with watercolor.

Step 4: Videos

Here are two videos of the painting process. I hope they're useful :)

Step 5: Example 2

Here's another example of wax painting. In this case I've drawn a Rolling Stones tongue and the name of a song.

Step 6: Results

Hope you enjoyed it! And I'll hope you enjoy drawing with candles!

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