Wax Seal Crest Stamp

Introduction: Wax Seal Crest Stamp

This is the Instructable for my family crest Wax Stamp

Step 1: Design Stamp Handle

Browse Thingiverse and find a design that works for you, then you need to replicate it in Tinkercad and make it the correct size

Step 2: Design Crest

  • I used a crest that I had on my computer but can be found at clannapier.org/
  • You have to convert it to a .svg file that is compatible with 3-D printing
  • Reverse the image since it is a stamp, it will need to be backward

Step 3: Weld Crest and Handle

  • With both solids in Tinkercad, your next step is to line them up, get them straight, and set them flush in order to weld the two pieces together

Step 4: Enjoy!

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