Introduction: Weaponised Toy Dinosaurs

I customize figures as a hobby, and these I made to go with my customs or for diorama/pictures use.

Step 1: Toy Dinos.

First of all, I KNOW dinos and human beings never existed side by side, but there are SO MANY stories/comics/cartoons/etc. that HAVE dinos/humans existing side by side. Better stories I guess.

These particular toy dinos came from a local dollar store: The quality/appearance of them is average to poor. These are average, and cheap so I bought them for future use.

Step 2: Inspiration for My Weaponized Dinos.

I am on Facebook and somebody posted this pic of a video game in which Nazis and Allied forces were fighting each other using Dinosaurs. This pic was my inspiration.

There are also cartoons like the Flintstones which also had Humans/Dinos living side by side: As well as an old cartoon titled "Dino-Riders", another titled "Cadillac's And Dinosaurs", and the "Dinotopia" novels and Tv show. So it is not that unusual.

Step 3: First Up, Triceratops.

The Triceratops was the first one I made. To make a bodyshield/mounting for the guns I started out by cutting out a single piece of posterboard to fit the body of the dino as shown in the picture. I made it longer than it had to be so I could trim off any excess later. I then wrapped it over the body then used masking tape to tape off the bottom. Afterwards I covered it with a layer of white glue and set it aside to dry. Then I cut a second piece to fit it and also gave that a layer of white glue and let it dry: Then I applied a new layer of white glue to the dino and fit the second piece of posterboard onto it and taped it down. I did the same to a third piece and set it aside to dry for a full day.

The figure is a standard 3 3/4 inch figure I customized... It's there for scale.

Step 4: Finishing the Bodyshield.

After the posterboard dried, it set up hard. I then cut the sides to length and rounded off the edges. Afterwards I painted it to match the color scheme of the video game dino-weapon. The symbol I put on it is a stylized lightning bolt.

The figure is for scale.

Step 5: Mounting Weapons

Since I am a customizer I wind up with lots of unused body parts and weapons. I wanted a WW2 aspect for this so I went through my fodder box looking for appropriate WW2 machine guns, and found two. So I drilled a tiny mounting hole through each and forced a wooden toothpick through the holes to link them together. I then used some scraps of cardboard and a piece of bamboo skewer to make the mount for the machine guns.

To make the mount in the bodyshield I made a tiny tube to fit the machine gun mount, punched out a hole in the shield to match it, then glued it into place. The result is the third pic. The machine guns can pivot up and down and it can turn in its socket.

For the record, animals have been weaponized like this in real life: Look up "Camel Guns". Guns have been mounted to the saddles of camels for use in desert warfare. Same principal, different animal.

Step 6: Ankylosaur Carrier.

I decided that the ankylosaur would make a better carrier than a weapons platform: Plus making a harness for it would be tougher than for the Triceratops.

I examined the back of the toy dino: The best way to make a harness for it would be with straps, so I measured the space between the spikes and it came out to 3/8ths of an inch wide.

Okay: the first strips were the second and third from the head, with a piece of masking tape to hold it on. I then cut two shorter pieces to run along the sides of the dino and link 2 and 3 together. I then added strip 1 and 4 to it, and glued those to the linking strip. Afterwards I spread a thin layer of white glue on it and laid down two more strips and set it aside to dry.

Step 7: Adding Boxes

I measured the distance of the linking strap: It was 1 1/2 inches long. So I made two tiny boxes 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch high and long, then glued it to the sidestraps.

I'm still working on this one, I will be adding lids to both boxes and painting them brown.

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