Introduction: Wearable Minecraft Diamond Helmet - 3D Print

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Wearable Minecraft Diamond Helmet - 3D Print

My daughter wanted a Minecraft diamond helmet to give to a friend. An actual helmet!.... Hmm...OK?.

Well here is a project in the making!

Obviously to 3D print an actual helmet you need a large format 3D printer and filament.

I had access to a Creality CR-10 which has a build plate large enough to accommodate a helmet that will actually fit on your head.

After consulting with my daughters we decided on PLA in Mint Color.

Now on to the project....

Step 1: Do Your Research - Online

So I had to find out EXACTLY what a diamond helmet looks like. I went online and pulled up several images of Minecraft showing diamond helmets. I even went to the Official Wiki to see what it looked like.

I found out by counting 'pixels' that a diamond helmet is 8 pixels wide and 8 pixels deep. I noted all the other dimensions in pixels. I now had the basic dimensions, or really ratios, of a diamond helmet.

Step 2: Mock Up the Helmet

Now I needed to make a mock up (prototype) of the helmet to make sure it fit and looked ok.

I found a cardboard box that was close in shape and would fit on my head and counting pixels marked up the box to look like a diamond helmet. I made each pixel 1 inch square.

The box was a little too deep, but I just ignored that. I cut the box to match the pixels and it looked good and fit well.

Step 3: Design the Helmet Using 3D Software

Instructables had introduced me to Fusion 360 so I chose that software package to design the helmet in.

You should be able to use any 3D software as the design is very simple.

You will note that there is an internal oval added to the design to fit better and keep the helmet from wobbling on your head. I knew that most peoples heads are not round in cross section but oval, so I took a plastic bowl tried it on and deformed it by squeezing in the sides to see when it matched my head. I found out the front to side dimensions and used that info to design the internal oval.

Step 4: Slice and Test Print Your Design

Considering that the final print would use a boatload of filament I wanted to make sure that the design was good before printing the final version.

I decided to do a test print in some extra black filament that I had on hand to make sure it fit. I used Cura to slice the stl file and started the print. I only printed up to the point were the internal oval was complete. I was mainly concerned about making sure the oval actually fit a human head. It did!

Step 5: Print the Helmet

I loaded my mint colored filament and started the final print.

As the print progressed I noted that there were artifacts and problems printing. Some were related to the 1mm wall thickness I had selected and others were settings I had picked in Cura. Some settings such as not printing a top layer I had forgot to update from a previous print - my mistake.

But overall this print did allow checking of fit and structure and it matched my cardboard mock up.

Step 6: Modify Design and Reprint

Back to the drawing board (monitor).

I decided to increase the wall thickness to 2mm and to correct my Cura settings.

Attached is the Fusion 360 file and an .stl file of the helmet so you can modify or print as you see fit.

Back to the printer!

The final print took 35 hours and 43 minutes to print, and 576 grams of filament (~164 meters).

Step 7: The Finished Helmet

The finished helmet turned out great!

It is very robust and fits well. If the fit is not comfortable, open cell foam could be glued to the top and inside of the oval to provide padding.

I wanted to add pixels to the helmet, created by painting or adding paper squares to the helmet so it would match what is seen in Minecraft. I was pooh hoo'd by my daughters - they informed me that the actual helmet is smooth and the pixels are from the game and to show glint/glare on the shiny surface of the helmet! Well, OK!

Overall a great success!


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