Introduction: Weather Resistant Coat for You Pet

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I live in Florida but this winter has been really cold for my pets. They go outside to potty and come back in shivering. I decided to make them all a coat and I will show you how I did it. I made this without the use of my serger because I don't know how many people actually have these. I also cut with scissors instead of my rotary blade. I wanted to show you how anyone with a basic sewing machine can do this.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Thread and Bobbin
Industrial Strength Velco
Tape Measure
2 different colors of Materials
Quilt Batting
Paper for creating pattern

Step 2: Prewash and Iron Your Fabric

I always prewash my fabric to make sure that it doesn't shrink after they wear them and get dirty. The part that you should always do is iron before sewing.

Step 3: Measure Your Pet

 Measure loosely around the neck (we don't want to choke them), measure around the body just behind the front legs and then from the back of the neck to the top of her tail.
Don't forget to write this down somewhere.

Step 4: Cutting Out Pieces

 Cut out both materials and batting making sure you put them on the fold. According to my measurements these pieces needed to be 11" long. The length of the jacket needed to be 20". Make sure to add 2 " for the seam allowance. 

Step 5: Sewing Straps and Collar

Lets sew the straps and collar.
Put your materials right sides (the side you want showing) together and the batting on the bottom. Sew around the entire piece except for one end.  Clip the corners avoiding any stitches.
Do this to both straps and collar. 
Turn the tube that you created and the collar right sides out and then press flat. Stitch around the outside. You do not need to stitch the open end.

Step 6: Attaching the Straps

Lay your batting down then place the outside fabric on top.
Lay the straps on top of the fabric and pin them in place somewhere in the middle of the strap just to hold them in place. On the pattern you will see 2 rectangular drawings, this is where you will put the straps.
Now lay the underside fabric on top of that. Pin all pieces together to avoid slipping. I used a nylon fabric so it really slips.
Sew around the entire piece, leaving the neck area open.  

Step 7: Finishing the Body

After turning the piece, press it flat. 
Top stitch around the entire piece like you did the straps and collar.

Step 8: Attaching Velcro to Body

 Position the Velco ( I use industrial stregth found at Walmart) on the rectangles drawn on your fabric. Make sure to sew this around the edges and X the middle so that the Velcro doesn't pull off or rip your fabric when you take it off your pet. 
Repeat this step for both straps.

Step 9: Attaching Velcro to Straps

 Sew the other piece of the Velcro to the other end of the straps the same as you did on the body of your jacket.

Step 10: Sewing on Collar

 Put right side of collar to wrong side of body and stitch along edge. Trim uneven edges and lay out flat. Top stitch along seam and if desired, zigzag stitch along edge for stability and appearance. 

Step 11: Finished Product

Trim all the hanging tread and that's it, your finished. 

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