Introduction: Weaving Remix: Build IV

Step 1:

The first thing you are going to want to do is laser cut the boardAifile available for download. This is a 9x9 1in squares on a 12x12 piece of wood. Make sure you use wood so it is sturdy enough for weaving! This is the base of your weaving and what you will eventually weave the cloth into!


- 12x12 Fabric

- Laser Cutter

- Hot Glue Gun

- 12x12 Wood

- Adobe Illustrator

Step 1: Making the Art

Now you want to make your art piece to eventually be cut! Do this on the fabric. I used spray paint and marker but you can use any medium that suits you!

Step 2: Cutting Fabric

After you make your art, it is now time to cut it. Use the laser cutter for this so it will be precise. You are going to want to cut nine lines that are a little bit less than 1in thick. Mine were 0.95in so anywhere around this works. Each line should also be 12in in length which is the size of the board. This allows for you to do your weaving!

Step 3: Weaving

Now that you have your strips of fabric, start your weaving. I went over-under, over-under, but this design allows you to do any patter you see fit. Now that you have done the weaving you are almost done!

Step 4: Glueing Down Your Piece (Optional)

This step is optional because you do not have to glue down your piece if you would not like. If you are going to glue, hot glue the start of the weaving side and place the fabric on top and let dry. This step is pretty simple if desired but not necessary.

Step 5: Done

You are now done with your piece, congratulations! Go show it off to your family and friends or hang it up somewhere! Good job!