Introduction: Wedding Bouquet From Sheet Music

With the popularity of rustic themed weddings and DIY savvy brides, paper flowers are a huge trend in the wedding business. More and more I see brides with bouquets made of paper flowers. I wanted to try my hand at a unique homemade paper bouquet that would please any DIY bride.

Why take your time to make this bouquet?

It is cheap: I probably make this whole bouquet for less than $1.00. Average flower bouquets go for about $30 - $80 a piece!

Its easy to do: once you get the hang of making flowers it takes a couple hours to make a full bouquet depending on how many flowers you want in it.

They are pretty: Your guests will love your creative style as you show off your bouquet at the wedding.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you are going to need to make your sheet music bouquet

Sheet music - you'll need about a 9" by 9" square. To find sheet music browse garage sales. I found a whole stack of sheet music (over 500 pages) for 50 cents!!

Wire - Floral wire is pretty cheap. you can usually get something under $3.00 at your local craft store



Step 2: Fold Your Flowers

1. Start by folding all of your flowers

To see how to fold the flower I am using go to my flowers go visit my previous look here

2. For the bouquet you will also need to fold a calyx for all of your flowers

To see how to fold a calyx for this flower look here.

Step 3: Create Your Wire Stems

Once your flowers are folded you can create the stems from the floral wire

1. Measure and cut the wire into between 14" - 18" pieces

2. Bend about 1" of the wire on the end over.

3. Twist the 1" end of the wire with the other wire to create a loop one one side of the wire piece

4. Repeat for all wire pieces

Optional. Now that you have the loop you can tape up the wire twist so you don't have any sharp ends that can poke through the flower.

The loop on the end will help keep the wire stem from pulling out of the flower once its in the bouquet.

Step 4: Place Flower on Stem

1. Take the looped end of the wire and push through the bottom of the rose.

You may need to cut the tape at the bottom of the flower a little bit before you can fit the wire in the flower. Don't try to use excessive force or you might squish your flower

2. Add some glue to the bottom of the flower so you can glue the bottom of the flower and the calyx together

3. Add the calyx to the stem. Slide the calyx from the bottom of the stem to the top. Press two pieces together firmly to adhere with the glue

4. Use a little tape (I use duct tape or invisible tape) to tape the bottom of the calyx to the wire stem. This will stop the calyx from sliding down the stem.

Step 5: Bunch Your Flowers

Once all your flowers have stems you can begin to bunch your bouquet.

1. Bunching flowers is super easy pick up all the flowers one at a time and hold them like you would the actual bouquet. Once you have all your flowers in your hand you have your bouquet

2. Pull the bottom of each stem to even all the flowers out and keep one flower from sticking above all the rest

3. When you are satisfied with your bouquet twist the wire stems together.

NOTE: Being made of metal the stems are easy to twist an manipulate where you want the flowers to be placed. Play around with it until your are satisfied.

Step 6: Finished

Now you have your homemade bouquet! Its a great addition to you wedding. While I used sheet music you can use any type of paper to fit any wedding theme. It is much more personal and will last a lot longer than traditional bouquets. Invite your bridesmaids over and spend an evening making your own bouquets for the wedding!

Have fun with it and enjoy!

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