Introduction: Wedding Nails

Hope you enjoy these simple Wedding nails.

Step 1: Nail Art #1 Step 1

Start with putting some clear nail polish or nail polish harder the paint all your nails white.

Step 2: Nail Art #1 Step 2

Wait for the white nail polish to dry on your nails and add a very little black to it like in the picture. With a pointy object form the letter you want on that nail. Repeat the same method on all your nails except for your thumb until you spell L-O-V-E.

Step 3: Nail Art #1 Step 3

Apply some red nail polish to your thumb then with a pointy object shape a heart. I added some designs around the heart which you can do too.

Step 4: Nail Art #2 Step 1

You can do this on your other hand (even though I did it on the same one). With a pointy object shape a heart with some red nail polish on one of your face fingers.

Step 5: Nail Art #2 Step 2

Now on another nail with some read paint shape a bow and some buttons with black paint. That's what that is supposed to be in the picture.

Step 6: Nail Art #2 Step 3

On another nail put a yellow dot in the center and some pink circles arose no it to look like a flower.

Step 7: Nail Art #2 Step 4

I thought I would do the last two nails simple, so I painted my thumb with some of this nail polish that has some blue circles in it. I chose this color because it's my favorite and it's nice to show your personality buy wearing you favorite colors.

Step 8: Nail Art #2 Step 5

For this last one I just used some glittery blue nail polish to cover my whole pinky. When I was about to fill the whole nail in I noticed that from the gaps on the nail it kinda looks like a dress so I just kept it.

Step 9: Final Step

For a final step add some nail polish harder and your done! Now, I'm not the best Nail artist (not even close). But that doesn't mean you can't do it better. Wish you the best luck.

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