Introduction: Wedding Natural Hearts Picture

Just look around, keeping your eyes opened, and see what fantastic kinds of art nature has for us: Hearts are really everywhere! OK, sometimes it only seems like, especially when you are in love with somebody!

This is about taking a closer look at your surroundings and taking pictures of it if possible.


Eyes, wide opened
Any camera (the one of your mobile phone will do)
A printer with photo paper or local / online photo shop for printing / developing pictures
A picture frame with passepartout or cardboard / paper background

Step 1: Get Outta Here!

The best heart pictures I find outdoors are the ones when walking in the forest or field. Some big or tiny structures, depending on the angle of viewing, look like a heart. Some are made out of missing material such as holes in leaves or trees, others are just made from dust or water droplets such as clouds.

When being indoors my kitchen, the stuff I work with for preparing meals, sometimes offers a hidden treasure such as a nice heart. Just stop cutting vegetables in the right moment :-)

... and, of course, take a picture!

Step 2: Print Your Hearts and Cut 'em to Size

Depending on the size of the picture frame of your choice, select a good size for the number of your photos and print your heart pictures! Afterwards cut the prints to size and try to fit them onto the cardboard passepartout. Take care of overlapping the pictures each other or some space between them. Both ways have their advantages.

Step 3: Choose a Good Frame, Recycle, Build, Colour It...

The best way to fit your pictures into your frame is when the frame has a colour that you're able to find in one or more of the pictures as well. If it has a wooden colour it'll fit photos of the nature. Trial and error... and best if you know what the bride likes :-)
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